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Human thought it would be cute to get us a cat shaped placemat🙄

bablin (@las3rflip)

🌴More soon:))


Hey guys. I dont really fingerboard anymore due to my motocross career taking off. So im selling the rest of my decks for the right price. Dm me any offers. The 2 completes are a Berlinwood gold anchor deck with FBS, Blue YTrucks, and Cowply BRT Blue wheels. The other is a homewood with diamond trucks and flatface g13s. both wheels are relatively new, and roll smooth as ever. The decks are somewhat used, but the red green and wooden flatface is a G13 HAND PAINTED BY MIKE HIMSELF! YOU WILL NEVER FIND ANOTHER DECK LIKE IT! ONLY 1 DESIGN WAS PAINTED ON 1 BOARD WHEN HE MADE THESE. NEVER SET UP, NEVER USED. Please guys dm me if you have any questions or offers. I need the money, badly. I have a big race coming up here soon and i cant afford some things i need. #fingerboard #fingerboardsale #brr #brts #flatface #fingerboardtv #sale #buystuff

Oliver (OliPie) (@oliver_thepugpig)

You didn't think I would forget a Shark Week #tot did you?!

Tün (@tuening)

We got that newnew!
After lots of experimentation with colours, new Zesty Yellow Büshings have been released on the website
aNd we got new sexi stickers too!
What do you think? 😏
They come with your order! ;)
Visit the link on my profile page for more information 🛒😜😜
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SEATTLE BULLIES®️ (@seattlebullies)

When you've had enough pictures for the day 😂
• He's available and ready to go in one week!
• Call or message for more details: 206-877-2013
#merlebulldogs #seattlebullies