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If you know me, then you know I obsessed about making my long haul flight to Australia as comfortable as possible. I even sewed my own eye mask haha! It was probably the smoothest travel experience I've had thanks to all the prep. You can check out my travel beauty hacks now up on the blog. #linkinbio

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Find awesome seats without paying extra, and avoid paying extra for average seats.
Make sure you research the plane layout before selecting your seat. 〰️ You can see more tips in my post 'Tips for booking flights' - link in Bio!
Do you have any other flight booking tips or tricks?

AGrlCanMAC™️ (@agrlcanmac)

Have anxiety or trouble relaxing while flying? Try coloring. #flighttips #travelhacks

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******Travel Tip!!! ********* If you get a chance to pick your own seats, try and get seats over the wings. This will give you the smoothest ride and is not as susceptible to turbulence. WHAT OTHER FLYING TIPS DO YOU HAVE???? #traveltip #traveltips #travel #travelforlife #traveling #tips #flighttips #airplanetips #planetips #seats #turbulance #comfort #intheair #fortheloveoftravel #wanderlust #tip #overthewing #wings #wing #comfortableride #✈️ #advice #traveladvice #travelingadvice #thinair

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Planning your next trip? Follow diet consultant Sheela Krishnaswamy’s tips on how to eat well while on a flight. To know more, follow link in bio @foodloversindia. Explore more at

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Hello #InstaFam! My name is Mary, and I work in Marketing here at Massage Retreat & Spa. Today, I am taking over our Instagram as I embark on a weekend trip to Arizona. You will learn about my travel #musthaves to keep your body cozy, your skin hydrated and your muscles relaxed! Stay tuned... 😘

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MY ✈️👫️FLIGHT TIP - {flying as 1 adult with 2 kids aged over 7&9 years on @qatarairways A350 business class flights Singapore to Doha}
💺Seating plan 1-2-1. I will seat my older child alone on the window and seat my younger child next to me in the middle which allows me to attend to both easily. Seating my two together just doesn't work...yet! 🙏 Best not to select the first row as you'll be interrupted with curtains opening and closing to the kitchen as well as glare factor.
🍽️Inflight Food- I usually don't order kids meals on flights as most are overfilled with sweet things ( don't understand why airlines do this) however on Qatar Airways I do. Apart from the cheese plater the meals have proven time and time again to be too spicy and not kid palette friendly. Alternatively you can check the menu online prior to your flight.
🔌Earphones- for kids best to bring your own. Although they are lovely earphones the kids have complained that they are quite snug and apply to much pressure to their head, I have experienced the same. Don't forget the two plug earphone adaptor* next flight tip- @qatarairways economy class travel ( 1adult & 2 kids)


Nela Soldmann (@nelasoldmann)

Tipy na cestovani letadlem s prckem 💙💙 🚼 originalne zabalenou kojeneckou vodu a jidlo muzete mit v neomezenem (rozumnem) mnozstvi s sebou (doporucuji kontaktovat aerolinku predem) 🚼 teple obleceni pro prcka, deku, cepici, mekke teple ponozky/capacky, maxi salu 🚼 doporucuji nevybirat predni sedadla s babybasketem, muze se stat, ze ve vedlejsim basketu bude uplakane ditko (@renatagrab -diky za tip;-), ktere bude budit vase. 🚼doporucuji trik, pokud letite ve trech, booknout jedno misto na dvojsedacce u okna a jedno misto na 4sedaku uprostred (zalezi na letadlu samozrejme) - temer vzdy se nam stalo, ze vedle manzela nesedel nikdo a ke mne na 4sedak prisla dvojice, ktere jsme nabidli, at si sedne na dvojsedak k oknu a my jako rodina zustanem na ctyrsedaku. Vzdy se kazdy chtel prehodit a jako podekovani kupujem v dutyfree uz dopredu nejakou pozornost;))) sedime kazdy na jedne strane a uprostred ma prcek leharo;-) 🚼 maxi salek s sebou!!! Ze saly jsme udelali stan, ktery jsme zapasovali pod operky hlavy, takze maly spal ve tme, nefoukala na neho klima a prochrnel klidne pet hodin ;-) 🚼 pri boardingu jit dopredu, crew vas pusti mezi prvnima do letadla - vklidu se usadite, nachystate veci, nemusite se s prckem prodirat mezi postavajicima v ulicce;-) 🚼 cestovani s kocarem - kocar mate celou dobu u sebe, prochazite s nim i tunelem do letadla, tesne pred vstupem do letadla vam je odebere obsluha a po pristani byl nachystany pod schodama pri vystupu z letadla (doporucuji kontaktovat aerolinku) 🚼 tablet, pohadky, kapitola sama o sobe 🚼 pri vzletu a pristani podavat jidlo/piti/kojit - nezalehaji usi, polykanim/zvykanim se uvolnuje tlak. Tip - uz pred boardingem nedavam zadne piti ani jidlo, aby byl pri vzletu pri chuti. Pije po malych douscich po celou dobu vzletu a mezitim dudla dudlik 🚼 moznost pred letem podat kinedryl, atd.. my jsme nic nepouzili, ty ve hodky na letisti byl vzdy vzhuru, takze let prospal 💙

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Top tips surviving long-haul in cattle class: bring your own food because plane food inflames your joints (or don't eat at all to help avoid jet lag), regularly stretch your hip flexors, drink a ton of water (and wine), bring ear defenders (noise eliminators). #everydayathlete #alldaystrong #strengthmatters #healthyhips #longhaulflight #sandiegofitness #flighttips #deltaairlines #cattleclass

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Struggles to sleep in a hotel room? Get some tips from the frequent travellers via

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Может показаться, что это фото парка. А вот и нет, это зал ожидания у входа в гейты в Самуи аэропорту. Залы гейта похожи на пляжный бар с плетённой мебелью и крышей как в шалаше. Вся обстановка напоминает, что ты на острове, тропическом, райском, и вот-вот улетишь (( Для голодных туристов у меня хорошая новость: в зонах гейтов есть кетеринг уголки с халявными закусками и напитками: соки, чай, кофе. Пей, ешь - не хочу. Но я же хочу! И заглянула туда, бестыжая, раза три. В потом ещё вкусно кормили в самолёте, хотя лететь всего час. Учтите, что приезжать в аэропорт нужно с заряженными девайсами, розеток я не нашла. Но бонус в виде офигенных алеек и доступных вкусняшек все перевешивает )) #samuiairport#samui#thailand#traveling#traveladventure#flight#flighttips#tips

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We are flying @wowair to Iceland. Top reason to pick this flight? - it fits in perfectly into our low cost airline budget. Our return ticket per person came at a steal of $300 per person from east coast, Boston. And if we would have picked different dates it might have been even cheaper of a deal then. However you do have overheads of checkin luggage and food not included in the ticket price, so it's wise to compare flight prices accordingly. Not a bad airline I must say - because picky MR. StreetTrotter seems to be quite happy with it 😀 Stay tuned while we are off flying.
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Find yourself uncomfortable on long flights? Who doesn't?! Check out my latest blog on my top tips for surviving international flights #linkinbio

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DAY 349: Today I fly out to Wellington. Super excited! It's definitely going to be a time where I will be doing a lot of relaxing, soul searching, reconnecting, having fun, no doubt I'll do a lot of crying 😂😂 I'll be the blubbering mess of an Aunty when my darling girl gets married 😂😂 I will be with my Ma bear for Christmas which I think is the first time since moving to AUS in 2004!! But one thing I must do every day is move. Especially for the travelling that's going to happen. So while I am waiting for my plane I have stretched and moved the body to get it ready to be sitting for a long time. The #inspirationset came in handy. Love that at the airport now there is the carpeted area to play on. Kids were running around on it and some were doing sit ups next to me. The young boy was holding the young girls feet while she busted out a few then she did the same for him. Then when I got to the gate I was on the massage chairs. During the flight I wear comfy clothes. Clothes I can move around it and not be restricted. My body handled the flight great 🤗 I had my fruit and sprouted bread with peanut butter and honey to eat nom nom 😋 and plenty of water. Essential and coconut oils came in handy too. I remembered my socks this time to keep my feet warm too 😂 I'm really happy to be heading home to see my family. It will the first time in a long time we have all been together ❤️ #imcominghome

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Hey guys so yesterday I told you about JetBlue "12 days of Christmas" flight special and would give feedback. So I googled "JetBlue December 6 special" this page came up of all today's specials you can fly from any of these airports above Bahamas, Cancun, Spain, St. Thomas Etc. all for a very low price ONE WAY Ranging from $20-110. The specials does change change daily. I hope this does help you guys out! #satinescape#girltraveler#sightsee#learn#live#seetheworld#youngbrokeprofessional#wanderlust#traveltips#storyteller#peacefinder#traveler#travelblogger#Instablog#instatraveler#instablogger#flighttips#jetblue

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So I read this article over the weekend while I was recuperating from oral surgery. I do agree that layovers can be turned into a mini trip inside a trip. When I book flights or bus schedules I do look for layovers. It is a great way to visit an extra location inside your trip. The longest layover I had was 8 eights in Boston, MA on my way to New York. I was able to go see a few sites and eat at some great places. I believe everyone should schedule a layover in there travel unless you are very pressed for time. You should enjoy yourself on all trips whether business or leisure. Most airlines are adding features to schedule layovers in booking and the flights are cheaper the longer the layover. #satinescape#girltraveler#sightsee#learn#live#seetheworld#youngbrokeprofessional#wanderlust#traveltips#storyteller#peacefinder#traveler#travelblogger#Layovers#flighttips#instatravel#instablog#instablogger