beeQnails (@beeqnails)

😍 Artistic Japanese style Wild Flower for Suzanna Ng 🌺🌸🌼 #beeqnailsss2 #beeqnailssuzannang

Kim Pickup (@kimpjammer)

My first order of MacKenzie Joys NAS design ( Array of Colours) is being placed tonight! Let me know if you'd like a set! All commission is being donated to our local IWK children's hospital! #spreadjoy #giveback #jamberry #diynailart #nailartstudiojn #floralnails #flowers

Daniela Bena (@danielabena19)

Η καλή μέρα από το πρωί φαίνεται και εμείς είπαμε να την κάνουμε καλυτερη❤️❤️#Privenailstudio #smellspring #orly #floralnails #springnewcollection #lovenails

N by N 💅 Nails by Natas 💖 (@nailsbynatasja)

I thought my original design with the stones could use some colour.💖 Luckily the flowers 🌸🌼me and my daughter gathered last sunday were ready for use after drying.
I'm satisfied with the result, and so is my daughter 🤗😍
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Michelle M (@thenailartasaurus)

My mum ❤️ She said she has the "worker's hands"... though she felt her hands look much prettier to look at with her nails done 💕 Her "worker's hands" are still beautiful to me, it's the pair of hands that nurtured me, hugged me and hold me. It's the pair of hands that cooked my favourite homecooked foods 😍 always so glad and happy to beautify her pair of "worker's hands". Mixed matched design of dried flowers, @pregelofficial sheer gels & @mananails inspired flowers.

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Kate (@alterego_nails)

Here is my tutorial for my Sprung on Spring smoosh and stamped nails
▪️paint nails with white (or another light color) and let dry ▪️choose several colors to smoosh with and apply blobs of these colors over a clean stamper head ▪️ line blobs up over nail and push straight down gently, then lift and you can dab the nail carefully a couple more times for more smooshy goodness ▪️ clean excess from skin, and apply top coat or add a design like stamping !

Products used:
@ellamilapolish Pure Love
@pueencosmetics Latex Peel Off Cuticle Guard
@bundlemonster Clarissa Blue, Rocko Wear ( green ), Babe Magnet ( pink ), LOL ( yellow ) 4 of the 6 polishes from the. new Whatever Forever Collection available now from
@whatsupnails Jumbo Clear Jelly Stamper
@bundlemonster Straight Up Black
@linanailartsupplies Spring 01
@opi_products Matte Top Coat

Lia Lacquerista •Buff & Polish (@buffandpolish)

Aaaand the Strawberries & Cream Nail Art! Using the @opallacgelpolish featured in the last post. I was going for a sneaky nail art - she looks all demure in her natural warm state (second shot), but make that mani do the Ice Bucket Challenge and watch her show her true colours (shown first, so you didn't scroll past) 🌹 How about those Rose-y rosy cheeks now? Florals FTW!

There is a video to come showing the transition and also a video tutorial for the nail art itself. There was a Plain Jane transition clip but it was such a damn hot day that I wasn't as happy with it as the nail art colour transition demo; so sorry, but you had to wait for the actual art reveal before seeing it 😜 you know how it is

Items used:
· Strawberries & Cream - #Opallac
· Bones 67 - @mundodeunas #mundodeunas
· BPL-024 stamping plate - @bornprettystore #bornprettystore
· Latex - @bornprettynailart #bpsnailart (use code BUFFQ10 for 10% off)

This is also my rather late 'Magic' prompt for @Clairestelle8challenge #clairestelle8challengemarch, cos "Look Ma! Now you see it, now you don't!" magic happening here ✨🎩🚬 (uh, yeah that's a cigarette. Closest thing to a wand emoji on this device) 😐 See you on the blog. Or not. Link in bio #opallac #gelnails #gelnailart

Beauty By Linda Christal 💋 (@lindachristalbeauty)

Mixed floral nails sneak peek - I'll upload another pic of these with details of what I used later on 😚🌸