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I'm not good at advice but lots of people on the internet are. Advice?

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Her name was Eddie Bull (@hernamewaseddiebull)

Floating peonies - absolute heaven. We need to be floating amongst these...not in this cold though #inspiration #peonies #regram #repost @tantawanbloom their visuals they create are magical 💗🌸🌸💗#theserenity #flowers

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Elizabeth (@_thetravelingpoet_)

Only 5 years old, and living in an impoverished and cruel word. I remember the day you became mine and I became yours. Before bringing you into my life at the age of 17, made me realize that I was not living life. My little sweetheart, you will never know the impact you have on my heart. As I waited anxiously for your every letter to arrive from halfway across the globe, international fears began to control my mind. Little hints of terrorists attacks and natural disasters that developed in your country, leaves me paralyzed in fear that my little love is in danger for her life. When your letters reached me, I would physically break down into tears. Hearing that you want to be an artist and seeing your little flowers that you drew for me, swelled my heart with such love and happiness that I've never experienced before. 3 years later....This past spring I woke up to the news that our relationship was now terminated due to government regulations. Automatic reactions of uncontrollable shaking, hesitant breathing, stale thoughts and tear stained sheets consumed me. I lost the will to live. I thought I would see you graduate, get married, etc. Life can be unpredictably cruel. The program didn't specify what would happen to you. How could they do this to my little girl? Are you starving and living out on the streets? Working in a sweatshop at the age of 8? I don't know. Those questions still continue to corrupt me. When I look at the stack of empty letters that I am no longer allowed to send you, my mind is sent to an emotional hell. I'm left questioning if I was good enough to you.
I promise on my life that I will find you. I'll go any distance through seas or deserts, protest in front of hundreds or thousands...just to reach you. My love for you is untouchable by this world.
//My little Picasso, never stop being a light in this world. One day I will see you and hold you close to my heart but before we reach that day, whenever there is doubt in your beautiful mind that you are alone, look up at the stars my love, and just how I promised to you...I'll be there. Because I will never forget you.
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Amanda Kay (@mandazx116)

Yesterday we farewelled Aunty Bronnie. In true Bronwyn traditional we traced the local bush for foliage so I could make her this. #flowers #favaunt #lostinthebush

Anne Valérie H (@0_wally)

Les graines semées ont donné naissance à de belles fleurs, les cueillir pour en faire un joli bouquet
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Kia Kima Scout Reservation (@kiakima)

Passion Flower in Camp Cherokee