Alexis Horne (@alexismhorne)

After being gone on a 3 day retreat, my sweet husband came home and gave me flowers! 💕 [He also gave me his stomach bug, but let’s stick with the positives here...]

Pure Indulgence Beauty Therapy (@pureindulgencebeautytherapy)

There’s nothing more special than staring your Friday with a gift of such beautiful flowers 💐
Day made! 😍

Niv&May (@nivandmay)

Theres something special about these flowers that reminds me of my childhood and makes my heart smile 💞
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Kacie | NYC Blogger (@theprettylittlehustler)

Fresh flowers + hot tea + cozy blankets sounds like a GREAT idea after yesterday’s snow storm! Hey Spring, come out come out wherever you are!🙈💐💗 (📸 from @fashionpass )
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Planting a garden is like believing in tomorrow. - A Hepburn #audreyhepburn #flowerchild #flowersaremyfavorite #flowerfields

Nikki Fromenthal (@nikkilogan27)

My first patio flowers from a sweet resident! #springhassprung #flowersaremyfavorite

cassmarie143 (@cassmarie143)


I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. Thank you two of my best friends @martymcflyy989 and @brittcamacho for planning a whole weekend of festivities. Thank you @mericanhoney_ for taking the time out of your day to make me a delicious cake and send my favorite flowers to my work. Thank you to all my friends who spent this weekend with me reminding me how loved I am. Thank you to my coworkers for decorating my desk and taking me out to lunch. Thank you Marissa for sending me 24 roses all the way from Guam to make me feel special today. Thank you to my cheer team for throwing me a little surprise party at the end of our practice tonight. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to post pictures of me, send me a message, or write on my Facebook wall. I was dreading today, scratch that... I was dreading this month and I still am. However, with the help of my family and friends I was able to get past that for a couple days and ENJOY MYSELF. I finally understand what it’s like to lose someone. I understand what so many of my friends and even family members have gone through, it sucks. But the last couple of days I have been able to forget about Uncle Joe not being here and just spend time with the ones who love me and care about me. Even if you just sent me a text message, it meant that absolute world to me. I teared up with every single message, gift, surprise and act of kindness over the last couple of days. You all gave me the best gift one could ever ask for these last couple days, and that is happiness. So again I thank you all and love you all to pieces ❤️ Here’s to being 25!

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