sarah landers (@brickstreetflowers)

DAHLIA UPDATE! Pardon the shouting, but I am SO EXCITED about these creme de cassis dahlias making a comeback. As you may know, I am working with a brand new, zone 8a (Texas), garden. This is my first time growing dahlias, and the heat and all the critters have proven a challenge. I had lots of blooms June-mid July, but by August 1 the plants were brown and dying. There was some new growth at the base of each plant, so I decided it would be worth a try to cut them all the way back and let them grow out again. Made the cut on August 15th, and today I have my first new bloom on the re-grown plants. Swipe either right for some process pics! {the little white bags over the blooms are a must to keep our massive grasshoppers at bay - otherwise there would be absolutely nothing left!}


When he surprises you with flowers 😍😋🌹 #boyfriendgoals #flowersaremyfavorite

sarah landers (@brickstreetflowers)

The zinnias are baaack!! Can someone tell me why the pink ones are always the first to bloom? 🤓🤔

sarah landers (@brickstreetflowers)

It cooled off a few weeks ago - a short-lived but welcome break from the heat. My snapdragons exploded in response!

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It never gets better / I only feel bitter / life sucks when you're a fucking quitter / /

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Japanese Morning Glory varieties are the best.

Felicity Thomas (@felicitynthomas)

Flowers bloom on the earth, the time of singing has come. I love seeing seasons come and go, especially how plants change and grow to let us know a new season is on the way. They remind me to always hope because there might be something lovely just waiting for you around the corner.

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Felicity Thomas (@felicitynthomas)

Gerberas are one of my favourite flowers, alongside roses and camelias. What a treat to have these pink beauties in a delightful arrangement given to me to celebtate another wonderful year of Shared Choir with Heritage College and Olivet Aged Care. The choir means so much to us all..shared fun, love and friendship between old and young.

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Felicity Thomas (@felicitynthomas)

Super excited about my gorgeous new calendar for next year. Lots of you loved last years, so here's another edition with more of the photos you love.
Go to for all the details and to order.

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My MIL makes life extra sweet by her thoughtfulness for me . She brought me these two lovely things . #feelingspecial #flowersaremyfavorite #loveyourhubbysmom