CC Fine Florals (@ccfineflorals)

A rustic Christmas! @ccfineflorals is located in South Orange County and featured in @ocbridemagazine and @weddingwire

Top of the Range Flowers (@topoftherangeflowers)

😍Another shot from the paddock yesterday harvesting kangaroo paw!
🌹In the foreground is an immature flower spike! It looks quite lovely as it is but if you pick paw too early the stem (and flowers) will become droopy.
πŸ’―PRO TIP: Mature kangaroo paw stems will also droop if they don't have any water - if your paw is droopy top up the water and it'll bounce back good as new in no time (also, make sure the stem is actually in the water)

elleney m (@elleneymflorals)

The yellow roses that grow in our backyard inspire me endlessly πŸ’›

Beyond Flowers (@beyond_flowers)

One of our favorites will be day #3's special! #12dayofchristmas #freshcutflowers