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~ ᖇᗩT ᑕᗩGE ~ Что же должно быть в клетке крысы? (🇷🇺ниже в комментариях) What should be in the rat cage?

It is necessary to have at least one house or a closed hammock. In nature, rats tend to hide from enemies. And although the decorative rat has no enemies, it can feel very vulnerable, often interrupt her sleep and get nervous if she always has to sleep in the open space. This in its turn will affect the psyche of the animal, and the rat will become easily excitable and fearful.

This is not a mandatory thing, but very polular among the majority of rats. Ours like their hammocks so much that they are ready to literally eat them. Disadvantage of hammocks is that they quickly start to smell and they need to be washed often. You can simplify your task and buy a hammock-satellite. It is a plastic hammock, which is much easier to clean.

🎡Shelves, stairs
I do not know how much this is a necessary condition, but in the case of Matilda - VERY necessary. Since she constantly needs to run somewhere, it helps her to spend energy a little and go to bed faster.

🍜Bowls, drinking bowls
Shishel and Myshel categorically refuse to drink from the drinker with a ball, so we have an ordinary bowl (the minus is that the bowl needs to be washed more often and the water is changed more often, because the rats can throw in all the junk). To feed the bowls we have two: one for dry, the other for cereals, mashed potatoes, etc. - they also need to be washed regularly, because the ours are little pigs.

We have one but it is not used. Was a better situation with hamster a while ago

Обязательно наличие хотя бы одного домика или закрытого гамака. В природе крысам свойственно прятаться от врагов. И хотя у декоративной крысы врагов особо нет, она может чувствовать себя очень уязвимой, часто прерывать свой сон и нервничать, если ей придется всегда спать на открытом пространстве. Это в свою очередь повлияет на психику животного, и крыска станет легковозбудимой и пугливой.

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