Chris Tucci (@hungryandfit)

Sixth and final meal of the day is a vegan Caribbean treat. First five meals included: instant ramen with two eggs, protein shake, tuna and rice, tuna and rice, protein shake. Solid finish to the day and strong start to a big week! Get out there and succeed! #plantains #caribbean #hungryandfit

Mark Haldor (@markhaldor)

I think I may have got carried away and cooked a bit TOO much in all truth!

My first attempt at a #vegetarian and #vegan meals for the week... Meal 1 - Tofu in spicy cashew nut seasoning and mixed herbs with sweet potato fries and spicy zucchini lentil balls. Topped with sweet potato and cashew dip and almonds.
Meal 2 - Qourn Mince and meat free chunks seasoned in chow mein and coriander, with lentils, red kidney beans and chickpeas. Topped off with Jalapeรฑo Hummus, pistachios and pone nuts.
Meal 3 - steamed broccoli and carrots.

#focus #protein #diet #nutrition #training

Tara (@tyaz_fit)

I've been focusing on getting better depth and explosiveness with my squats over the last week after lots of really helpful advice from IG pals. I took the weight down quite a bit (55kg) to enable me to get better range of movement. I can see that I'm getting loads deeper in this vid and managing a good explosion back up...3 seconds down low then burst up again....10 reps for 4 sets. I'll try more weight this week ๐Ÿ˜Š #squats #legs #gymlife