Athina Antarakis (@styleadventures)

There was a little extra sparkle in the Sydney sunset today! And I swear the water on the bay lived up to its colourful name...Maybe it's the excitement I'm feeling about heading back home to my beloved Europe at last, but I think it also reflects the new-found appreciation I've found for the home I've left behind! #lavenderbay #sydney #sydneyharbour #theresnoplacelikehome #thestylebar #newadventures #followthesun #illbeback

Adam Sean Mink (@adamomink)

"please stand by the shore"

nikki adams (@bb_nikkisa1)

Literally 2 spaces left!! @bbpro_lampros - Friday 26th May at Debenhams Swansea. We are privaliged to have one of @bobbibrownuk professional artists here for one day only!! Book on 03701925888 #howto #followthesun #glow #gloss #bewhoyouare #proartists

Veni Vidi Amavi (@veni_vidi_amavi_travels)

I was scrolling on Instagram and saw this beautiful story from @isahoes and @fredvanleer telling about #insidemybones from @dotanmusic #insidemybones is about honest stories without filters. So here I go... People always think that my life is so fantastic and that it looks like I have it all. Great house, a car, fantastic friends and family, amazing job and I travel a lot. But what people don't see is this girl that had a depression when she was 17 years old and needed to fight for her life. Something that always will be with me and never really will go away. Same as the period that people have bullied me. Yes, it made me so much stronger, but the feeling that you don't fit in will also never go away.
Also I always get judged about who I am as a honest person, because I say what I think. Sometimes without thinking. I always think I treat people the way I wanted to be treated and sometimes the answer sucks or it is something you don't want to hear but at least is is not a lie. So I'm really sorry that I sometimes hurt your feelings but rather that then a lie.
In my head it is never good enough, it always needs to be better, more beautiful, cooler, more amazing, etc. I want to proof everyone that thought I was not going to make it wrong. You can say you don't have to, but changing yourself hurts and is difficult. So every single day I try to better myself.
A lot of my friends have a relationship, children, getting married and I'm already single for 9 years. Yeah guys I do a lot of things you don't but sometimes I also wished that I had the things you have. I also thought I would have a different life @ the age of 29, but I just don't so I travel.
The reason that I travel that much is because that's the only thing that keeps me going. It makes me happy and let me think I can do whatever I want. You meet people you normally wouldn't talk to, you do things you normally don't and you see things you have never seen before. I feel free, free to be myself and not who the world wants me to be... So now you know I also have my struggles. I'm not perfect and either is my life. Share your story if you dare... #storytelling #mystory #story #ifyoudare #youcandoittoo

Fake Bake (@fakebakepl)

Na początek tego cudownie słonecznego czwartku życzymy Wam wyłącznie wysokich lotów✈️⛅️💋 A opalenizna dzięki Flawless FakeBake💜💘💜💘💜💘, który jest już dostępny na: