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F O R A G I N G for MUSHROOMS ❤️🌲🍄 This has to be one of the coolest ways of exploring forests and foraging for edible foods. In the island of Evia, Greece, in which my soul & I have returned for a while (whilst the rest of the fam is out in the hot Australian sun farming), I have to find ways to reconnect with nature on a regular basis otherwise I become unwell in every aspect. It is proven how meditative, grounding and healing it is being with the land, which is why we are forever grateful to have the opportunity to actually work with it, love it and love each other in this life...
Foraging for your own food is one of the most grounding experiences there is. People live in the forest covered mountains in Greece and learn to live off the land, the wild mushrooms, huge glorious chestnut trees & wild apples spread everywhere! People drink from fresh water springs in which the water itself is straight out earth to body healing.
I wanted to show everyone how psychedelically funkalicious this mushroom is, and the fact that it's just a regular edible one is amazing!!! (Bare in mind that this can be very dangerous and you need to be with people who know the land and wild foods like the back of their hand!!! So please don't see this and decide to eat a poisonous shroomie!!!)
Bless you Mother Earth, you, we, this chance to live life, is MAGIC!!! ✨🌼🌼🌾🐾🌏💫🌈

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Visited the waterfalls today and went for a swim at the bottom of it 🤙 #waterfalls #india #goa #holiday #jungle #forest #travel #water #fresh #view