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I don't really like the new logo coz it feels too modern and not sci fi enough. I like the more classic looking logos. Itd be cool for like other shows it just doesnt really give off a doctor who vibe. But jodie looks pretty damn cool

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"Whats the point in growing up if you cant be alittle childish every once in a while". -The Doctor.
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So close to finishing my crochet project - I am the fourth doctor! #doctorwho #tombakerscarf #tombakerfourthdoctor #fourthdoctor #crochet #tombakersscarf

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Seasons of fear has been described as doctor who done as a movie by many other reviewers and honestly I would have to agree. It has tons of grandious or monument that mostly succeed in creating a sense of depth and scale to the story, which is impressive considering how ridiculous the villains are. I'm looking back on my listen of this story with fondness as I found myself properly grabbed for the first time in my marathon of 8th Doctor stories, and was left thinking 'whats going to happen next, I can't wait' at the end of all the climactic scenes.

The jumping around different eras of earths history was clever and is one of the main contributing factors to making the story feel constantly interesting, with not knowing where you will end up next does add an atmosphere of intrigue to the whole scenario. I think Gray was a villain who perfectly matched the story and scenarios, as it could be argued he was a bit too much of a cackling 2D villain, and in some ways I agree but I feel the idea of the Doctor meeting a younger Gray and finding out his intial intentions added some nice levels of complexity to the character.

Im not going to spoil the villains but why on earth anybody believed bringing these pricks back would be a good idea baffles me. They do absolutely nothing for the story  and just sort of shout and run around for 10 minutes, which is annoying for such a compelling hook this reveal/resolution was incredibly disappointing. Not to forget 8 and Charley are terrific in this story and I was over the moon that Charley had more to do in this one than remind the doctor hes supposed to be taking her to china 4000 bloody times, and her actually having something to do was great.
Final Rating: 8/10

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Picked up a couple of Funko Pops today, just some stuff I was missing. #funkopop #funko #doctorwho #eleventhdoctor #fourthdoctor #rorywilliams #toys #collectibles #invadermoz

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i have fallen down the doctor who rabbit hole and i cant. get myself out of it
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