Lane Buckler (@lsb_giraffeonthehuntforbananas)

I finished the first game in the trilogy FINALLY! AFTER WEEKS! NEARLY A MONTH!

One word: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I was Batman. I thought like Batman. I fought like Batman. I was BATMAN!

I loved the combat. Every pound and punch and blow to a goon or one of Joker's henchmen was satisfying and made me wanting to move on forward to the next battle! Every fight was as satisfying as the last. The game was thoroughly enjoyable, and despite it being in an enclosed area, an island on strict and cautious surveillance, the scenery and outside world hubs between the all the wards, admissible buildings, and hospitable sectors were all truly captivating enough to erupt my interests to greater heights into knowing the secrets and truths of the Arkham Asylum and the man, Amadeus Arkham, who erected it all.
It was quite a journey soaring through all the rooftops of the said buildings! I got to know more about all the prominent characters in the video game and even
the entire Batman universe!

Batman has many upgradable and hi-tech gadgets that no other bad guy has! The Batarang! The Batclaw! And many more... The fun never stops!
Sadly, Catwoman was NOT in this game, BUT she is in the next two games, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, which I will be playing tomorrow... 😊 I was pleased with everything in this installment of the Batman Arkham franchise. Pleased, but disappointed. 🤥😯 The ending was unrewarding. The whole game was a let-up! Yes. EVIL JOKER IS UP TO IT AGAIN! How he executed his devious, mischievous crimes was madly impressing! But... in the end... they should've been... a bit more... I don't KNOW. Play the game and find out!

Michael Gadaleta (@michael_gadaleta)

There's people that come into your life that you truly cherish because they are REAL, amazing and genuine people. You are family and I am so happy I got to see you and your new gift to this world. Have a safe flight back to Hawaii and I will see you guys soon!

Constanza Ayleen (@forever.cono)

Solo espero que seas buena esta vez 😔💕

Hannah Peterson (@gardenstatehannah)

I love this haha awesome @aleahb88 rockin out with us at Seacrets!

Edinaldo Silva (@dinaldors)

#BoaNoite #Goodnight #friends O #Mundo se Alimenta das Notícias Ruins, o #Céu da #Verdade semeada na #Terra entre Nós. Humanidade #Deusétudo #Edinaldosilva #riodejaniero