Ian Frewin (@frewdog74)

I think about this guy everyday and even more today on what would’ve been his 16th Birthday. #rideforcharlie #vandercraig @charlie_craig15 #friendsmissed #neverforget

Susie (@skmeador)

One of my favorite trees on the Roanoke River Greenway. It reminds me of Alabama and my mom’s home. My parents bought the house from the mother of some friends of mine from high school. They had planted a willow in the front yard to memorialize their father. This year one of those friends passed away and I think of her each time I pass this tree.

Saskia Lynge (@saskialynge)

Rosh Hashana is upon us once again! As one year ends and another begins, my thoughts always turn nostalgic. I inevitably see the what-if's, the could've been's, the should've been's, and always...always... the what is and what isn't. 5777 CE began with a roar and a suddenly, my heart filled with the crazy, impossible kind of hope and faith that makes mountains move. But 5778 begins with the quietest of whispers, barely audible, a breath that can only be felt - if I hold still long enough. My faith this year is not exactly the crazy, impossible kind that moves mountains. Yet I press on..
⛰️⛰️⛰️ ..
It would be easy to measure this past year with its peaks and valleys, its losses and gains, successes and failures, sacrifices and gifts, but there is no point. They are the past; they are lessons learned, heart aches healed, or hearts still grieving, journeys filled with irreplaceable memories. Years do not need to be measured. Only cherished.
🌺🌺🌺 ..
So during this time of reflection, when you look within your heart and at the past year, I pray you find a new sense of possibility, in yourself and your dreams. Possibilities in stronger friendships and new friendships, in soul healing relationships that stand the test of time, filling your heart with love and warmth. I pray you find confidence in the gifts you have to share with the world, and a renewed sense of faith if yours has been shaken as well. May favor fall upon you as a celestial blanket. And may you always walk in the Light. That is my prayer for all those I know, near and far..
L'Shanah Tovah Umetukah l'kol chaverim!
Have a happy and sweet new year to all my friends! ✡️✡️✡️
⚝⚝⚝ ..
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Zarion Pryce (@zarionpryce)

Just came across this picture from last year... #sunset #berlin #flashback #nofilter #friendsmissed

Becky Levy (@mynameisbecky)

This little guy on our stairs always makes me smile, right next to @inkybeardyman ❤️

Sue Thorne (@suethorne55)

Birthday tea - fantastic and memories cherished #familytime #lovechristmas #friendsmissed xxx

Raquel Sanchez (@rockyls)

'Oh the places you will go.' Saw this during my high school reunion this past weekend and thought it was a perfect reflection. After everything we've done and seen, coming together made my heart smile and realize I've truly missed my friends I was once close to and can't wait to see them again! 👯🍾✈️🗺️❤️#theplacesyouwillgo #highschoolreunion #reflect #heartsmile #friendsmissed #dallas

RD_Shop (@dwiutarisugiro)

Pernah......... Pernah ada kenangan....
Pernah ada kisah
Dan pernah ada keajaiban bersama disini....dulu !

Sekarang apa ya
Semuanya mengalir begitu saja,
Engga pernah dilupakan tapi semuanya tetap saja hanya kenangan... Kenangan ya kenangan, cuma bisa di kenang dan gak bisa di ulang, hahah ya iya lah namanya juga kenangan.... Miss you all..
My friends...
My bestiies...
I am so sorry for my mistakes...
Walaupun kecil aku pasti pernah buat kesalahan ke kalian...
Engga cuma buat yg ada di foto ini saja... But all of you that knew me... #tempoedoloe