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People Are Going To Get Pissed 😡 , But Idgaf 🖕🏾. Have Y’all Noticed That Gay White Males Are Targeting Black Children By Adopting Them ? 🤔 One Of My Followers From The Bay Told Me That She Was At The Store And Two White Lesbians Had Black Daughters , So What Does That Tell Y’all ? These Mf’s Are Always Adopting Black Children. Well All Know For A Fact That These Two Little Babies Ain’t Gonna Be Taught Or Raised The Fuck Right , So How Do I Know ? My Next Door Neighbors Are Two White Lesbian Women And I Can Tell Y’all This ? They Are NOT Good Parents... They Have A Little Girl And Two Twin Boys To Where They Will LITERALLY Let Them Babies Run Outside Of The Godamn House To Where Recently The Other Night ? One Of The Twin Boys Was Walking In The Canyon And ALMOST Fucking Fell 😡 All The Way Down 🤦🏾‍♂️ One Thing I HATE With A Passion Is A Irresponsible Ass Parents That Show Children Neglect Without A Fuckin Care... Children Did Not ASK To Be Here On This Earth And It Is Your Responsibility To Take Care Of Your Child , Instead Of Maintaining A Child. Idc Whether Your A Heterosexual Or Fuckin Sodomite ? Children Learn By Parents Actions And Behavior As Well. So Am I Against This ? Yes The Fuck I Am 🙋🏾‍♂️. One Thing I Can Say About Half My Own People ? If You Aren’t Mature Enough To Bring A Baby Into This World And Will Give Them Up For An Adoption , Instead Of Letting Your Parents Or Relatives Raise Your Child ? You Are As Sorry As These Two Fuckers In This Video. These Mf’s Never Experienced What It Is LIKE To Be Black And These Babies Are Basically A Recruitment For The LGBTQ And It’s Sad... The State Is Always Giving Them To Gay Couples And Every-time I See Something Like This ? It’s Like They Have A Fetish For Black Babies And That Shit Is Sick As Hell 🖕🏾#FuckOuttHere #GayAgenda #Sad #InnocentBabies #DamnShame #ProtectYourChildren #FuckedUpWorld #FuckYourFeelings #NoFucksGiven #SodomAndGomorrah #Peace

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your love ain't got nothin' on me


How to basics (special girls edition)
To girls : don't say anything, we know it's true.
To guys : Now you know how to do it right.

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To all instagram girls I dare writting one day or another... Follow this shiny rule <3
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