YeaBitch_Im$now (@yeabitch_imsnow)

I swear I wish I could replay Friday night because I never smiled so much and I am still smiling. I might not be beside him but when I see his name on my screen I get butterflies and smile all over again 😌😌 #inagoodmood #smile #fuckyoumean


true tho. If i see people run imma speed walk a lil like "wyd" but if i see other black people run, biiih i am #UsainBolt .#fuckyoumean #blackpeople

two quarters (@justsomeweedbitches)

You can't go wrong wit it

two quarters (@justsomeweedbitches)

You'd never guess we were stoners

two quarters (@justsomeweedbitches)

Getting stoned and laying low ✌️💨

6sp6zz6 is Thrash (@thrashmann6)

Bring dat sweet shihh dis way Girl I kill cake. #fuckyoumean

Tommy Da Arkatek 🇰🇪🇰🇪 (@arkatekbeats)

Mommm dad acting weird lmao I'm not weird just confident about myself more than I ever have before I got swag I got style I got looks I'm a fucking catch get ya weight up chocolate Niggas in full affect we winning lmao I love the hate. Kick rocks sceeeeza. #ilovemyself #akbeats #ak #nomoreworriesforme #iloveittho #producerlifestyle #turntup #imlitty #iloveittho #mealways #idontgiveafuckaboutyofeelings #fuckyoumean ##chocolatesunday #sexy#beardgangbitch #beardgang

Bri🌸🌼🌺 (@flower_child_19_)

I'm only on your mind when you're wasted🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏼💕 #wasted #dreezy #kissesforme #fuckyoumean

⚜️Pauly⚜️ (@paulyaz94)

I swear there "Iraqis" and other arabs that will wish me death so I can be an example for there relatives. Y'all pusssies and you know yourself and you if you or any "Iraqis" "Turkish" or "Egyptian" than I'm out here want to take the hate out of there before my deployment than I'd love to fuck yall up. And if y'all celebrating eid while people are dying over seas than y'all even worst than trash. I don't hate but I dislike a lot of people because of there mentality and some arabs will tell you"habibi" to your face and talk shit about as soon as your not around. Pussy punk bichs I don't associate myself with that type of humans, y'all disgust me. If we stopped talking than DONT FUCKING ACT LIKE YOU ONOW ME IN PUBLIC CUZ ILL SPIT IN YOUR FACE TO SPARK IT UP. I only recognize real 💯
#fuckyoumean #fuckyoubitch #fuckyourfeelings #godgotme #squareup