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We have the best crew. Sorry everyone else, it's true ;) Here's a shot fro a couple of weeks ago when these champions attempted our first in studio Playoffs.

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Follow to see more exciting workout video posts!! 💪 ♥️ ...when you're out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard, someone is getting smarter, someone is getting stronger and someone is winning. Just remember that.

Flipping channels is not a form of exercise.

Exercise routine by @squatadvice

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With the Keiser Functional Trainer, the only limit is your imagination. 👊🏻💥💨💪🏻#GoodEnoughIsnt #keiser #functionaltrainer #functionaltraining #Repost @harrythomas_uk (@get_repost)
Train with Freedom! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Playing around with our new toy @no1_fitness

The @keiserfitness functional trainer adds so many more dimensions to your training.

Combining the traditional gym exercises with more "functional" and applicable movements to everyday life and sports.

A big thumbs up from me and the team 👍🏻 I am excited to add this into our clients programmes.

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FUNCTIONAL LUNGES Trabajo funcional real con mi clienta @beitadv (Bea eres una crack!)
Rodillas protegidas, descompresión lumbar , espalda alineada y correcta activación del glúteo, MEJORANDO LA CAPACIDAD BIOMECÁNICA Y LA CONDICIÓN FÍSICA sin riesgo de lesiones y olvidándose de dolores articulares. Bien, no? ⚠️ Para que hacerse 200 #lunges durante tu rutina de entrenamiento?? ...sabes activar y reclutar correctamente las fibras del glúteo? Buscas resultados estéticos a pesar del daño articular? Señores, si hay dolor, es que algo no se está haciendo bien!!! ⚠️ El dolor 💥 en las rodillas por entrenar NO ES NORMAL. Es posible mejorar tu funcionalidad y tus capacidades (con resultados estéticos) sin lesiones ni dolor? Claro que es posible. Infórmate aquí ☑️
be2 Total Coach 🏃🍏❤️
☆ Entrenamiento personal
☆ Corrección de disfunciones
☆ Eliminación del dolor crónico ☆ Prevención y rehabilitación de lesiones
☆ Alineación postural
☆ Tratamiento miofascial
☆ Entrenamiento funcional específico
☆ Mejora de la eficiencia biomecánica ☆ Reducción del stress
☆ Objetivos estéticos
☆ Nutrición y suplementación
📫 ruben@be2-totalcoach.com
📫 contacto@be2-totalcoach.com
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🎾💥💨💪🏻👍🏻#GoodEnoughIsnt #keiser #functionaltrainer #functionaltraining #tennis #tennistraining #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #usopen #Repost @stride6ft8 (@get_repost)
Getting ready for the US Open! Top tennis player Quirine Lemoine @tenniskiwi (Dutch nr 3) during her final training before leaving tomorrow for the US Open. Working on her explosivity with the Keiser Functional Trainer. Good luck Quirine! #becausegoodenoughisnt #everydayisgameday

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Only you get to choose what you allow into your life. Every time you say yes to something, ask yourself, 'Is this getting me closer or further away from my goals?' Remember that you're the creator of the life you live, no one else. Other people and situations are out of our control, but how we react to them or handle them is entirely up to us.

F45 Training Wynuum (@f45_training_wynnum)

We love it when our kettlebells are all lined up neatly in the studio, but we love it even more when our members are lined up neatly 😂😂😂 a row of ab workers in last week's Renegade session. It's on again tomorrow, lift heavy, get your abs on, and have fun.
Want to come and check it out for the first time? Head to the link in profile to register for a 7-day trial - or tag someone who would love this session!