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#ThrowbackThursday this day in 1964, Chico Ruiz of the @reds stole home base to defeat the @phillies 1-0! Cool right! #tbt #sportshistory #baseball #playoffs #funfacts #throwback

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Great article about importance of flossing and the overall importance of good oral health for your overall health!
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【10 Radom Facts About Me】I was tagged by @yowcitystyle to share ten things about me:
1. I studied Economics at McGill
2. During university, I went on a Chinese television speed dating show once because they paid for my round trip tickets to china (links available on YouTube)
3. I'm horrible singer
4. McDonald's is my favourite
5. I'm fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) - both speaking and writing 我的中文棒棒哒
6. My favourite colour is green
7. I have a 9-5 (more like 8-6) job as a recruiter placing developers
8. I moved out (more like my parents moved away but I stayed) when I was 17 because that apartment is only 5 mins walk from my high school
9. My family had a golden retriever named Peter for 11 years and he passed away last year
10. I started Instagram because my ex said I looked like Vicki Li @vickibaybeee but I only had 50 followers back in the days 📦
【NOW】Do you what to guess my height? If you get it right, I'll answer one question from you.

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☕️Interview with Jude Stewart, author of "Patternalia" via Co.Design ☕️
"Polka dots come from a craze in the 1840s to 1860s in Europe from polka music. There was all this sheet music that comes out of polka music, and it was very popular to learn how to polka, especially among women. Then there was a related merchandising phase, so there were polka hats and polka suspenders and polka pudding, which I have the recipe for somewhere. And polka dots was the only one that survived.
From there, with the mechanization of printing, it became a pattern that was very easy to print, and it became popularized in the early part of the 20th century. It was very clean and simple and easy to space and kind of had this round and pleasing quality. It had a very domestic air and people would think of them at the time as feminine. So these stories kind of spool out.
I was also interested in looking at: ‘Okay, well, I see this and I think of feminine, but what else is there?’ If you were to pop polka dots into Google search–not the word, but the actual dots–what would you get? And then that took me into an interesting, very different direction. There are some male initiation rituals in the Congo and there’s this supernatural potency that comes with dots that are a key part of bushman tribal art in Southern Africa."

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☕️The famous "I ❤️ NY" logo was created by graphic designer Milton Glaser in 1977, during a struggling period for New York.☕️
Throughout the 70's, New York City went bankrupt, experienced a black out that led to looting and 4,500 arrests, was infested with crack and heroin, and homicides were skyrocketing. New York City was a war zone to tourism.
The New York State Department for Economic Development turned to Wells Rich Greene, a Madison Avenue advertising firm, to clean up the image of NYC with a new campaign to attract tourists.
Wells Rich Greene had created a slogan, a jingle, and a commercial. Glaser came up with the logo based on a doodle he made in a cab. Together, Glaser and Wells Rich Greene had refined the doodle into the logo we know today.
Glaser created the logo absolutely free, as a gesture of hope to see the city rise from the ashes. The logo, trademarked by the New York State Development, generates over $30 million a year.

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¡JUEVES DE DATOS CURIOSOS! ✨👌 ¿Sabias que fumar hace que envejezcas más rápido?👵👴 También es más probable que se te hagan las molestas bolsas debajo de los ojos al igual que arrugas alrededor de los labios.

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This awesome creature is a North American porcupine, aka. A floof 😜 fun fact- they have antibiotics in their skin. Those antibiotics prevent infection when they fall out of a tree and are stuck with their own quills upon hitting the ground. Porcupines fall out of trees fairly often because they are highly tempted by the buds and twigs at the ends of the kinda dumb, but highly evolved at the same time- just like humans 😂🤷🏻‍♀️nature is pretty cool yo

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The enormous man-made lagoon at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile contains 66 million gallons of crystal clear seawater.
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Domingo foi o último dia de kermis em Delft. Kermis é como se fosse a nossa quermesse, mas sem as comidas típicas do Brasil, claro! É um parque de diversões itinerante com brinquedos, doces e tendas de jogos diferentes. Ah, e muito graffiti feio também! A palavra "kermis" vem de "kerk" (igreja) + "mis" (missa). Desta vez teve até uma roda gigante, de onde eu pude mostrar um pouco mais de Delft para vocês! 💜
No primeiro vídeo, vocês podem ver a Nieuwe Kerk (Igreja Nova) e, no segundo, a prefeitura. A torre da igreja é a segunda maior da Holanda, com 108,75 metros. É possível subir e ter uma vista incrível da cidade. Já subi duas vezes, haja fôlego! A maior torre, para quem ficou curioso, é a Domtoren, em Utrecht.
Aliás, é na Nieuwe Kerk que a família real holandesa é enterrada. Os últimos foram a Rainha Juliana e o Príncipe Bernard de Lippe-Biesterfeld, ambos em 2004. •
Sunday was the last kermis day in Delft. Kermis is an itinerant park with a lot of attractions, kiosks with different games, candies and ugly graffiti. The word "kermis" comes from "kerk" (church) + "mis" (mass). This time, there was this amazing ferris wheel, from which I could make these videos and show you a little bit of Delft, the lovely city where I live in the Netherlands. 💜
In the first video, you can see the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and, in the second one, the city hall. The tower of this church is the second highest tower of the country (it's possible to go up and have a stunning view of the city. There are MANY stairs, catch your breath! I've done it twice, actually!) and it's 108,75 meters high. If you're curious, the highest tower is the Domtoren, in Utrecht.
By the way, the royal Dutch family is buried in the Nieuwe Kerk, in Delft. The last ones were Queen Juliana and Prince Bernard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, both in 2004.

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Don't forget to floss at least twice a day so you can have a fabulous smile😉😁 #fabsmiles #funfacts #flossflossfloss