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News Flash: Your parents fucking hate each other, but not more than they resent you. You hanging your hapless hat in your childhood bedroom and eating their food is compounding the animosity minute by minute. The only thing that keeps them from smothering you with a pillow at night is the pictures on the wall of you as a child and the replaying of the fleeting moment of joy they experienced when you were born that dissipated like a fart in the wind within a week, that's it, that's the only thing keeping you alive. You're impeding their progress of moving on from the mistakes they made 25 years ago. Do everyone's love life in that house a favor and pack your shit and get the fuck out.

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Vin Diesel is everywhere lol

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Girls Day with Girls Trip! 🎬👏😂
This movie was HILARIOUS! Ladies, get your girls together and go see this movie.
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Jezuz F0ckin Chrizt
:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: I legit hate North Korea and Trump Is threatning It now?? Were all gonna f0ckin die Lol...

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Confessions Part 3. 😂💀
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