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Once the referee throws the ball in the air, it's either your ball or their ball and you've just got to take your shot. ❤️ #stripes #ref #sundaydate #lookatyou #starstruck #iloveyou #smiles #kisses #funnyfaces #xoxox #love #loveyourself

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Thinking of changing careers and becoming a hairstylist. #hairstyles #art #doodle #funnyfaces

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Typically my workouts are scheduled for the same time everyday; except for Sundays. Sundays are my day to do the things I enjoy when I want to enjoy them.
I enjoy working out. I love the way it makes me feel. I love what it does for me. I love a good sweat. After a workout I am creative and motivated; which is an awesome combination that I love about myself. Working out makes me smile. Makes me more easy going and less tense.
Working out doesn't have to be super intense. Sometimes I like to push my limits with weights. Sometimes I like to test out the compression level of my sports bra with some cardio. Sometimes I simply stretch to test my flexibility for half an hour.
Workout because of the way it makes you feel AFTERWARDS not because you want to look a certain way. If you work out for the right reasons then your body will reward you.

P.S. to my chesty girlfriends, @nikesportswear sports bras are the best. They're so freaking comfortable and they do their job. #littletonojiggle #compression
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