N A T H A L I E (@natopia_)

Wrote this a few weeks ago... decided to film it so you can hear how it sounds in my head #NOHATE I'm not a rapper nor am I trying to be I'm just putting out what feels good in my heart and soul and that be my ART! The incredible @TheDeli23 on the beat "Pastels2" from his album Vibes 2. Recently came across the #TheDeli on #Spotify and I been feelin' his style ever since! #RAPPOETRY #LEVITATEABOVETHEHATE #JUSTCREATE ✌️✊ Poem Lyrics: The creative process
It aint for no fools
Know this
Bish you be trippin on your wish list
Get focused
And own this
They keep tellin me theres more to life
Than what you know, miss
I hope you know this
I been living life like the blues
And now you mad coz my Shih Tzu
Shittin on ya shit shoes
I don't blame you
I'm just bad news
Better clean those sides
Then cash me outside bish
I kid, I kid.
I'm such a fried bish,
Loosing all my time bish
Make your mind up
Before your times up
Come now
Go whine up
Just light up
No mind fucks
This world was made for me
This my rap poetry
Levitate above the hate
Break the stereotypes of fate
And just CREATE πŸ’­By: Nathalie McLean

Sarah Adjepong-Duodu (@stiletto_dream)

So excited to be a part of this show!! Come out and have a few laughs with these amazing comedians I have the pleasure of sharing the stage with! #IThinkIHateValentinesDay #Comedy #funnygyal #shesofunny #saturdaynight #the6ix #ValentinesDay #lovecomedy Website: http://juicecomedytoronto.wixsite.com/juice

Sarah Adjepong-Duodu (@stiletto_dream)

This Saturday night come out to see me perform in the 11pm show at Comedy Bar! Alongside these lovely gals! Bring your friends and come out for a night of pure jokes!! 945 Bloor St W, TORONTO. website: https://comedybar.ca/show.php?Event_ID=7627 #laughtilyoucry #funnygyal #the6ix #comedy #saturdaynight

Taylor-Rey Rivera (@taylorrey_trex)

Shout out to nights so full of fun you forget to take pics (so You use an old one 😜). β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’β€’ #frans #music #jam #blondeshavemorefun #funnygyal #guitar #amda

Sarah Adjepong-Duodu (@stiletto_dream)

Can't wait to perform this Sunday!!! Come check myself and the rest of the lineup! #funnygyal #AllBlackComedy #YukYuks #the6ix #SundayFunday #stilettodream