🐕Lilo 🐕Infinity & 🐈Rosie (@lilothehusky)

Raising the bar on #nationalpuppyday ! Who’s your favorite puppy?🐶

Bailey The Beagle 🐶 (@baisywaisy)

My 2nd favorite thing to do 😴

Dogs I Meet (@dogsimeet)

Happy National Puppy Day

DJ 🐾 (@dj_themix)

Someone was feeling extra cuddly today... 😭❤️💕

Sparky Da Kelpie (@sparkydakelpie)

@sparkydakelpie’s “PAAYYY ATTENTION TO MEEEE!!!!” Face!

Lilo Husky Fluff (@lilohuskyfluff)

#tbt to the first selfie I ever took with my Mom! 💁‍♀️ Please ignore my matted fur. I was living on the street before. 🙈

Adrienne and Rocky (@lifeof2crazylabs)

I’m on a little vacation and the babies are home with grandma!! I had to copy @hopalongprancypants idea when she went out of town without her babies! 😂😂 I printed pics of them and I will take them around with me thanks @hopalongprancypants for the great idea ❤️❤️❤️