Raw Woodworks (@robertallanwhelan)

Jatoba and Pear wooden smoother. It’s a nice combination for woods, but Jatoba is akin to working a railroad spike, remember that shop project from school, ah the draw filing memories...

Matthew Hedgepath Smith (@mhs.furniture)

Back to working on that bed I made myself. Milled up all the wood for the Head and Footboard to rough dimensions tonight. #woodworking #woodwork #furnituremaking #toolmarksatx

Yvonne Mouser (@ymouser)

Hypnotizing offcuts and end grain fir chunks. Fresh blade cuts so nice! #douglasfir #compostpile #furnituremaking #endgrain #freshblade #cutslikebutter

Todd Butler (@tmb1752)

So there’s been some interest in my last post, so I am reposting with some individual pictures. Let me know if you want to see something specific!

Todd Butler (@tmb1752)

Part 2! Since there was some interest shown in my earlier post, I decided to get a couple of individual pictures of what I will be selling.

My Honey's Handmade (@myhoneyshandmade)

Just playing around with my new torch seeing if I can bring out the grain in this piece of wood. What are you working on today? #torchin

Todd Butler (@tmb1752)

I’m purging! I went through my cabinet a while back and set aside these tools. I’ve worked through a few projects now and haven’t missed them, so I think it’s time for them to go. I’ll be listing these on eBay, but if you’re interested in anything, DM me. However since they’re top quality tools, I’m not interested in garage sale offers. Sorry. 🤷‍♂️ 😉

Philadelphia Woodworks (@philadelphiawoodworks)

What a great group! The first offering of our new Elegant Table class wrapped up today, and everyone’s table looks absolutely beautiful! 👏👏👏 #philadelphiawoodworks #manayunk #philly #furnituremaking #finewoodworking

Festool (@festool)

Your perfect partner when dealing with installation tasks at tight spots - the Festool CXS with angle attachment. #festoolme via @davidhulthenco - Thanks for sharing!⠀
Dein perfekter Partner, wenn du auf engstem Raum etwas montieren musst - der Festool CXS mit Winkelvorsatz.

Anton Gerner Furniture (@antongerner)

30 Fiddleback Blackwood shapes looking amazing in 60% gloss lacquer, with a perfect finish straight off the spray gun.

Skelton Saws (@skelton_saws)

Day 18 'In the details' All of our saws are individually numbered and customers can find their number at the top of the saw care & maintenance details that we provide. This is quite a unique practice and furthermore all numbers with corresponding customer details are recorded in our bespoke & prestigious saw registers. Hopefully these will become historical documents in the future. This blade shows that this saw is BSH1, so it is a Benjamin Seaton Handsaw number 1 (This being a Limited Edition of only 10) #handsaw #panelsaw #woodworking #sawingsaturday #bespoke #limitededition #benjaminseaton #blade #traditional #register #handmade #furnituremaking #cabinetmaking #heritagecrafts #traditionalcraftsmanship #fms_pad #fms_inthedetails #photoaday

Matthew Hedgepath Smith (@mhs.furniture)

Did some Wood shopping this afternoon. amazing 8/4 Pear from @harvestlumberco and Beautiful 6/4 and 8/4 Walnut from @fine_lumber #wood #woodworking #woodwork #furnituremaking

Ellen Kaspern Design (@ellenkasperndesign)

I am back to working on the #piesafe after spending last week teaching the new students in the full time program at NBSS. I had a great time but it is good to back in the shop. Working on fitting the bottom which will also act as the door stop. #finewoodworking #woodworking #furnituremaking #design #walnut

Mike Kuzmitsky (@mkuzmitsky)

Searching for supplies through my Grandfathers (who did upholstering and some wood work) workshop. These I found interesting. No idea what to do with them though #upholstery #woodworking #chairmaking #furnituremaking

Corey Morgan (@coreymorganwoodworks)

Been a busy few months trying to get the new shop finished but I am finally getting things wrapped up! I took this video on Tuesday morning. Since then I got all the trim up, the back wall paneling done, and moved in. It was not a good week for sleep 😴 but worth it. I am getting things set up over this weekend and plan to be up and running again by Tuesday morning. It’s all very surreal.... so much work, dreaming, planning... and then here we are. I’ll be walking across my yard to go to work this week! #morganwoodshopbuild #whoneedssleep #livingthedream