messerfan (@messerfan)

Today we celebrate 7 years of being together and Pig has been there for about half the time. Wouldn't trade this for the world. #furrychild #love

Marina R+F Bossbabe (@marina.kerouac)

Happy National Puppy day!! This little girl stole our hearts 3 years ago. She is the sweetest #Westie ever. She's my #cuddlebug, and great friend and companion to Jack. ❤️🐶 We love you Jasmine!
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Single Thread By Luisana (@singlethreadbyluisana)

When we found him, we didn't know what to do! It didn't take long to fall for him 😍Now almost three years later and as I hear him snore under the blanket 😂😴 we don't regret it. He's been like a therapy dog during those difficult times and has been there next to me while I'm working late on #crochet orders. ❤️ forever my #puppy 😊 #nationalpuppyday #rescuedog #furrychild #bigotes

Kerian (Keri) Brannon (@southern_il_gurl)

Happy National Puppy Day to all of you young furry whipper snappers out there! I may be seven years old, but I don't feel a day over two! #furrychild #bestbuddy #cockapoo #cockapoosofinstagram #nationalpuppyday

Katherine Leonard (@katherine5695)

Even if they can't fit, cats will still try to sit
#catsofinstagram #ififitsisits #furrychild

Willieway's Furry Account (@williewayfurryagram)

Let me just bless your feed with this amazing surprise @sergal_pet made for me! They even gave me the code to watch the live stream of it! It was amazing to watch! They heard my little cries about why Neptune wasn't in my oc tag and wanted to make him as closely as I described! Isn't that amazing?! Especially with how fucking beautiful this came out?! I can barely curse or use all caps right now because it's just that wonderful. It's so aesthetically pleasing to me since this is exactly how Neptune is suppose to look! They even went above and beyond and shaded it when it was just suppose to be flat color! Thank you so much, I absolutely adore him and I adore you. I'm so grateful. Thank you so damn much. #williewaysocs

Rachel Chappell (@rachel0999)

Bella gave me kisses because we went a ride to town. 😘🐶 #bellajaws #spoiledrottenprincess #furrychild #spoileddog

Willieway's Furry Account (@williewayfurryagram)

The reference sheets are still being done but I'll put up another artwork about that!! (Sorry for the repost of these videos guys, I just like being organized and keeping things consistent, it's going to literally make me scream if I didn't fix it)

Willieway's Furry Account (@williewayfurryagram)

I have a few actually but let me know if you guys want me to use any others or what you would want on them! (I'm sorry for the repost guys but at least I fixed the wifi problem!)