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Doğum günün kutlu olsun Ari

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like my recent for a spam when im home cwd. 💜 #gaintrick #gaining #gainpost #arianagrande #arianators

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Actually i ship them lmao they are cute


[yes i reposted hehe] bUt happy 6 months anya aka name twin !!! you mean sooo much to me and im glad i slid in your dms because if i didnt, i wouldn't have met you :,) you've always been there for me and i cant ever thank you enough. you've stuck by my side thru anything and you never gave up on me and im really grateful. i may not show how much i appreciate you but ugh i really rEALLY do trust me. i can always count on you and you'll always find a way to cheer me up. and not to mention how alike we talk, act and how we actually look because i mean we're both asians so ??? and damn we can actually meet one day since we don't live that far away omf. i swear we will one day okay? plus we instantly clicked on the first day we met and i knew our friendship was gonna be a lit one. i dont ever wanna lose you and you're one of my closest friends and will always be and i'll always always ALWAYS be here for you for anything and everything. i wont ever leave you nor forget you no matter what okay? i promise that. i love you so SO much anya, and im beyond grateful we met. happy 6 months, and to more months to come !!! 🤤💗💗💗
- your one and only name twin, anya!

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— † amber marie vincent
an eighteen year old girl, who wanted much more in life than it had to offer for her. enjoying the pleasures of a cigarette, sex, and alcohol, with the music of kurt cobain. she usually finds herself in some kind of trouble, but despite all the bad things she endures, she still manages to act happy. she tends to stay up watching classic horror films and writing crappy poetry. she's a complete loner so befriend her and say hi.

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