Keeping awayπŸ’―

parents ^ (@othstelena)

mini rant ! okay so you all know I love scallison ALOT but it's so dumb that people compare scalia to scallison like if Alison is still alive or something??? scalia is happening NOW and sorry to say but there's no hope for scallison. or when some people have a problem with scalia so scallison shippers bash scott and malia ??? I dont see the point. I mean I didn't see any scallison shippers have a problem with scira at all, so I don't get what's the hatred towards scalia. It's like the scallison shippers just awakened from the dead just to hate scalia πŸ’€ (no one comment your bullshit "best friends don't date each other ex's" or whatever hate because I'll literally block you, I'm so done w/ these shippers bashing me for loving scalia) I LOVE ENDGAME !!!
[credit; sourwolfs ]


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