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This crew repping all the way from #Louisville at #10xgrowthcon in Vegas!! Love ittttttt

How I Hustle (@ihustlepodcast)

‪Things start to get better and they say "you changed." Of course I changed, why do you think things got better?

Josue Louis (@jozsway)

Excuses generate more excuses, only when you stop giving excuses will you start to see opportunities! -Jozsway #Park #JoCARes #Start #Drive #Park #MotivationalMondays #GaryVee #Changinglives #Positivity #Love #Hope #GodSpeed #Faith #Goals #GodsPlan #NoMoreExcuses #WorkHard #PlayHard

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Guys it’s not looking so good. I’m starving. #hungry #hangry #coffee #intermittentfasting

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#tbt Just some sketches from the end of last November and early December. Just some dog/wold leg sketches and Dog/wolf hybrid with cartoonish vibe..

Hayden Corder (@redroc94)

Had the awesome chance to go see @garyvee speak last week during the Tampa Tech Startup week! I went out the next day to buy his book and would highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they are stuck in a rut and are ready to move forward and follow their dreams. #crushingit #garyvee

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7 years ago today, I took my life back from opiate addiction. This day remains an important one for me and for my family. Those who witnessed my addiction recognized the power it had over me. 7 years ago, I felt for the first time to know what a meaningful life was. Recognizing I was a mother and that I was the only person in control of my life and what I make of it. I've learned I have a purpose in life how to put my creativity to helping others. I still have my faults and chaos I create on my own out of habit. I can be a hott mess but I'm learning to slow down and remember that any problems I have today are merely problems of privilege. The more I learn, the more I learn. Read good books, listen to positive music, and take control of your life! I'm not lucky I'm blessed being able to say im opiate free. As an addict in my early 20s, I nearly succumbed to several heroin overdoses for those who cannot comprehend its power, I would tell them that a person can become hooked after using for the first time. It happened to me. Which is why I'm sharing a little of my story for the people who don't already know. If you haven't tried it DONT and if you are struggling know it is totally possible to recover! Thinking there's no way coming back from the bottom you built for yourself was me and I was just feeling sorry for myself. If you just put the effort you put into getting high into getting clean...skys the limit! Ask for help!!! Thankfully today heroin addiction is finally at an all time high of awareness. There's many resources for help! I appreciate all of those who stuck by me in my using, and grateful for those who have only known me after my recovery began. All of you have helped get me where I am as a person, a Mother, and now a business owner! Most importantly I thank GOD for He brings people onto our path to raise us to new heights. #proudofmyself
#blessthishottmess #heroinaddiction #mompreneur #hustleisland #recovery #skysthelimit #blessed #grateful #opiatefree #notashamedofmypast #newheights #smallbuisnessowner #remainteachable #momzillasuniqueboutique #beaninspiration #bossbabe #hustle #garyvee #napaleonhill #earlnitingale #rumi #recoveringmom

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New Episode coming up on The Jamaican Airman on YouTube▶️ •Where I give a Honest review of @garyvee new book "Crushing It!" Respect!🇯🇲
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#episode #bookstagram #bookclub #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #build #channel #author #garyvee #crush #crushing #helpingout #value #consistency

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Happy thoughts it’s almost the weekend

Dante Street ™️ (@dante_l_street)

Life happens when you give zero fucks about anyone else's opinion.

This year has been so amazing and so eye opening for me. Transitions in business and personal life that have shown a great deal of growth. In April ill be taking a very big leap. still coaching, still working my "9-5". -
I know their are are doubters. I don't give two shits about any ones opinion on my vision and goals and what my team is up too. Doubt me. Think I'll fail, guess what ? one of us will be right. 🤔
#repost @garyvee