Homely Pop 나쁜 기집애 (@homelypop)

I forgot to take a picture in this look from a few weeks ago but I took this on snapchat and just found it in my camera roll.
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Eyes: @sugarpill Pro Palette, @nyxcosmetics eyeliner in Milk & #graftobian glitter
Lips: @jeffreestarcosmetics #designerblood
Eyebrows: #jeffreestarcosmetics #poshspice
Freckles: Jeffree Star Cosmetics #druglord
Face: @katvondbeauty Lock It foundation
Hair: Britney Spears

Lucas Albuquerque (@luka1323)

Good vibes in the night, all the night.

एड्रियन | Adrian | Hindu ॐ | (@adrnarnia)

Words cannot describe how much love and respect I have for this one right here. Thanks for keeping me sane through those all nighters. #bestie #notagain 🙌🏾🙌🏾😂😂

Mau San Ro (@sanromau)

Asi mi sabado... por falta de amors


Sometimes I get in front of the lens.

Alex Santana (@allex.santana)

Just a touch of your love is enough
To take control of my whole body
Just a touch of your love, oh

Garrett Carnegie (@gorgeousgarrett)

This is one of my best friends that I've know forever and she's always struggled with severe eczema. For the past six month she has been going through the worst flair ups than ever before to where her skin was extremely dry, cracked, painful, inflamed, red, itchy, you name it! All over her face and body. She's gone back and forth with her Dr.'s and had literally tried everything! Pills, ointments, steroids, UV treatments, and all have not only not worked, but had a ton of side effects with them! Weight gain, hormonal and emotional imbalances, which in turn cause low self confidence and negativity that also trickled into every other aspect of her life such as her job and her family and her relationships. I completely stepped outside of the box and gave her a completely customized and different regiment that I have ever prescribed to anyone before! I simplified everything and gave her the products that she needs to bring back the proper balance of oil and water in her skin. She's been using these products from me for 1 week!! And it is like night and day!! Her skin is glowing! She's going to stay consistent to maintain that oil/water balance and strength her skin. We will then only need to work any hyperpigmentation! But already her skin is a complete 180 from where she was before! This transformation has honesty given me even for confidence than I already have in my abilities and talent as an esthetician! I have an extremely intuitive and well educated approach to taking care of the skin in the safest and most advanced way! I live you @pin_guina!! 💞#excited #esthetician #skincare #eczema #healer #intuition #ambition #gorgeousskin #perfectskin #beautifulday #blessed 😍😇🙏🏼😘👯