parris50 (@parris50)

Looking forward to sharing a message on the power of prayer that heals our past and frees us from bitterness and unforgiveness with @sheilzmarie. @gbcpearlside main campus Sunday at 7:30a & 9:15a. #overcomer #gbcpearlside #blessed

ɑƖeezɑ c. (@ahhleezahh)

It's so amazing how God sends people into your life. I'm so thankful for these ladies who I can not only pray with on a weekly basis but the ones I can call my sisters in Christ.💕 #iheartgracegroup #gbcpearlside


So much has happened in such a short amount of time! 5 baptisms, tons of adventures, tripling in numbers, to branching into 2 groups! It’s a bittersweet moment❣️
Before coming to Grace Group, I didn't have any girl friends. I purposely didn't get close to other women because every time I tried, I got hurt, I got isolated, I got bullied. Grace Group has shown me I can have meaningful & healthy friendships with other women. I now not only have a strong support system but sisters in Christ💕 #iheartgracegroup #sistersinChrist #gbcpearlside

Sean Blanco (@alohasb)

Yesterday I watched another brother get water baptized. It was a blessing and pleasure to witness your public declaration. Excited to see how God continues to work in and through you as you head into this new period of your life, Christian. 🙌🏼 #waterbaptism #brothersinchrist #trulyhighclass #gbcpearlside

Xerxes Maxilom (@xerxesmaxilom)

Every sunday...come by..your invited

Nick Jimenez (@mrenjay)

Blessed that I get to play music with them on sundays! #gbcpearlside #worshipfam #allforGod #myfavoritetimeoftheweek

Nainoa Heffernan (@nainizzle)

Church with my Beautiful ladies ❤️👨‍👩‍👧. #GBCHawaii #GBCPearlSide

The Vitals 808 (@thevitals808)

"We are so fortunate to live in Hawaii... he put us all in Hawaii for a purpose, and we are soo blessed by his grace. He could have made us to live in India or China, but he didnt... he called us to be born in Hawaii, the most beautiful place on earth. Don't take for granted our clean water or cars, food, or even public education for our children. I thought I knew God before... but He took me to a whole different level in love, faith and trust serving for the Lord. I brought my ukulele with me to Nepal, and we spent three hours just jamming, (including some vitals tunes 😊) kanikapila style. Music is so universal! And no matter how the world takes music and twists it, we can still communicate through music as God intended!" -@cydeegurl #tbt
#MissionWithaMessage #TheVitals808 #teamblessed #teamblessed #tyj #gbcpearlside

Xerxes Maxilom (@xerxesmaxilom)

Sunday evening is pretty lit tonight

parris50 (@parris50)

Grateful for the opportunity to pour into next generation leaders. @twinklehayashi and I enjoyed the time of instruction and impartation with @sheilzmarie & @_eleutheria_ar. Mahalo for serving on the ENC Hawaii Youth conference worship team, co-leading at our Saturday evening service and singing at our Sunday AM services. #gbcpearlside #gbcpworship #6amcalltime #letsdothisagain

The Future (@thefuture.playgroundhi)

Join us at 7pm tonight at GBC Pearlside as we open up the ENC Youth Unashamed conference happening this week.