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Thanks ladies, I have no more openings for tomorrow! #geeked 😬

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#BatmanvSuperman comes to Batman #ArkhamKnight in the 2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile Pack. Get it in-game in Nov. #DCcomics #Batman

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“Waving from the Womb” (My baby would wave, lmao) 🤰🏾Bump is already too smart! I cant take it, literally waving at me, “hey mommy, can’t show you my poom poom though!” Lmao I was so eager to see the sex and know for sure “It’s a girl” but that wave meant so much more to me. I always sing this little ditty to my belly “Hi baby, Hi baby!” And baby finally got to say it back “Hi mommy!” With that little hand and as soon as I said it, baby waved again like yes this isn’t a farce I’m waving at you from the womb!! 🙆🏾🙆🏾 Since I’ve been literally searching for the right hospital and health center to support me during this time I’d done a lot of changes to my insurance over the course of 4 months so by 20 weeks I’d only had one initial ultrasound when baby was like a tadpole.

Can you see that face, perfection already!! S/O to my midwife, she wasn’t even supposed to do an ultrasound that day, but she knew I hadn’t seen those toes and little fingers EVER so she let me have my moment! Plus my sidekick @itsnancypantsss came just to be the first person to see baby 🤗🤗🤗
I’m so excited to meet this little person inside of me, every kick is a reminder, bro I’m finna be somebody’s mama! Lmao and we’re gonna be LIT!!! #geeked #blackmomblog
#blackmomsblog #mommyandme #midwife #ultrasound #ultrasoundvideo #ultrasoundpicture

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Everybody's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed Neu-man!

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I registered for my EFDA exam today!!! I can see the finish line people! This is such big step for my family. #geeked #pressurecreatesdiamonds #proudmoment #yayme #teethpeople #dentalassistant #efdaschool

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It's a sister thang! On our way to see Black Panther. I liked Spiderman, Superman and Batman so I'm rather geeked to see a brother as a super hero! #blackpanther #wakandaforever #superhero #geeked #Istilllookatcartoons #kidatheart❤️