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i can't help but feel sad and worried about ariana. she's my little sweet love and what she supposedly said to fredo on her way to the hospital broke my heart, that she wants to end her career because she feels entirely guilty. NONE OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT, ari! please don't let them take your happiness and that beautiful smile. stay strong, we all stand by you baby. keep doing what you love because you save so many souls everyday by doing that 💜 i love love love you @arianagrande

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Wear or tear?

❤️ ZaYn'S GiRl ❤️ (@zaynetotic)

Wtf is wrong with you all guys zayn is muslim it doesn't mean he is a terrorist if he was not a singer not so famous you all won't know zayn and you all might have point on other artist who is Muslim shame on you guys you are living in 2017 still thinking is like 90's he didn't attend bbmas coz he was busy with z2 he was not in awards it doesn't mean he has done that attack fuck you all guys
I'm proud to be a zquad and I trust zayn with my whole heart and your fucking fake words can't explain or judge zayn
Zayn is a normal guy as we all are just bcoz he is famous you cant say shit oki and before saying think about what you all are saying and get a prove of it you assholes 😡😡😡😡
@zayn .
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Hey guys, how old are you? Did you know that 17% of my followers are under 18.

Lucy Hale (@lucy.glamm)

Istg I need new friends 🤕

Barbara Palvin 🇲🇨 (@iblamebarbara)

#cannesupdates via @iamconstantin's ig story.
LOOOL she doesnt know a word 😂😂😂 just the "it aint me" part. This is me tbh smh.

Perrie Edwards 😍✌️🔥❤️ (@oopsiloveperrie)

I don't even know about theme but I am sorry for the 18 peoples that had passed away... I really feel bad for them, Ariana do not blame yourself what happen could either be fate or just a person with a very bad heart all I know is you are definitely not at fault ! To be honest I know how foes it feel losing someone you love, well I lost 2 person and it was really hard to move on so I'm so sorry for their lost 😞😘😭 .
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