Syrene Settles (@sosyrene)

I did not send for thee! Also since they fake like all my pics I hope they read this one and calm tf down 😂😩😩 Sn yea I know my phone is almost dead 🤷🏽‍♀️ #nobadweave #strugglebundles #stoptheabuse #sheaintnovirgin #whatbraziliangrewthathairtho #itsmatted #tangledinthepicture #girlbye #shant #cant #wont

S O N J I (@mzsonji)

Happy Tuesday

Trevor B (@trev913)

Don’t forget to be sunshine mixed with a little bit of hurricane.

Caroline (@bat_your_lashes)

Nail inventory time! Starting with the darks🥀🖤❤️💜✨ Three deep reds is a little much I know but as you can see if I’m gonna do a dark nail that’s usually what it is so I like to have a little variety. The Formula X one has shimmer. The purple is mainly for my daughter she loves it but I don’t really wear it. And I’m decluttering the black with gold shimmer, it’s just too dark for me. I didn’t think it looked good on my winter skin color so I never reach for it. #girlbye #nails #nailsofinstagram #formukax #maybelline #nailsinc


Trina was saying #facts here but it wasn’t even her place to speak. Her ol messy ass cousin was sticking her nose in something that didn’t have nothing to do with her and Shay tagged that bitch and now she mouthy at the reunion cuz she got some distance in between them 😂😂😂 bitch Shay will drag yo ass #shayjohnson #trinarockstarr #trina #lhh #lhhmiami #miami #joy #joyyoung #loveandhiphop #loveandhiphopmiami #girlbye oh and PS: Fire yo stylist @trinarockstarr they had you lookin like an ol dried up dog dressed for Rin Tin Tin’s funeral 😭 #haha

Desiree (@pyt_desiree)

I'm just sitting here unbothered and pretty as ever. #dontbebitterbebetter #girlbye #notwiththeshits

Russian Red (@kat.katya.katrin)

People are so annoying like they can’t just let other people be happy for themselves somebody just messaged me asking me why the fuck would I cut my hair it was so long it was so pretty Guess What my hair is still so pretty my shit is still long its just a little shorter than what it was before and at the end of the day who gives a fuck it’s my fucking hair the shit will grow back My shit grows faster than fucking lightning ...Tell me why you really bothered because my shit looks off the fucking hook or because you ain’t got no fucking hair sis?People really need to worry about their fucking selves I’m still Poppin #girlbye

Gressa Skin (@gressaskin)

If you have some old acquaintances that you need to brush off, just tag them in this Mariah video. Happy Tuesday #zerofucksgiven #somethingsomething #girlbye #idontknowher

ShamSham (@shamzeeshamz)

ich wollt ma kurz ‘n Star sein und mir dafür erst ne cam lei’n, doch ich musste mich voll beeil’n, denn die squad war schon auf’n standby #okciao #girlbye

Ash and Emmy (@ash_emmy11)

When ppl talk crap bout u at school but u still feeling good #girlbye