Sam, Owner 🍎 Sid, Lead Trainer (@corefitfix)

Rookie move. Didn't pack snacks for a 5 hr flight. 😐 Was so hungry I could have eaten my arm. Not enough time to venture too far but this snack should hold me over until I meet my sis 👭in Cali and we eat something yummy!! 🍸🌮🍍

Teresa Zulas (@teresazulas)

When you're planning your bachelorette party, ladies' weekend, or vacation in Vegas, don't forget your bling 😍
#lasvegas #myowlbling


So excited for M e x i c o so I can get back in the ☀️ sunshine ☀️ and into this @cooperandella #PalmTree romper! 🌴

Stephanie White (@neverlandfitnessmom)

Someone faxed this to our office today. It's a sign that we need to go @nautipinkie #home #magickingdom #roadtripneeded #girlsweekend

Rebekkah Egerton🦄 (@rebekkahegertonx)

Less than 48 hours and I'll be on my way to Benidorm 😝 #holidaynumber2 #girlsweekend

Arwen H (@wenniefriedrice)

Sitting around today thinking about how I wish I hadn't wasted this beautiful Bloody Mary! At least I got a pretty picture. 😊 #throwback #girlsweekend #bloodymary