Morgan (@bbg_mentallyfit)

Not gonna lie, the rest of me was pink and sweaty (#armsandabs day is my nemesis) but I felt real good during my workout when I saw these pretty nails 💅🏻 I don't usually have my nails done, but it was a treat for myself the other day when I had time to kill and they were #motivation to keep going today #girlswholift #barely 😂 working on introducing some weights into my workouts. I'm still doing #bbgguide and #sweatwithkayla but I've felt like some of the weeks have been light on bicep and hamstring exercises, so I'm subbing out a one exercise in a circuit to make sure all my muscles are getting some love! -
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Ian Jones (@gracecascade)

When you all show up @crossfitironindustry in the same shirt! #girlswholift #womeninspiringwomen #lovethiscrew #crossfit thanks for the professional pictures @coachjoda79 ❤️

Ashley Castañeda (@ashleytothepashley)

Just finished #wod4wheels last weekend with my incredible partner @shelby_j2012. The whole day was amazing, and seeing @cfthunderdome support adaptive athletes so passionately was so heart warming. These athletes put in their all and it's inspiring, and the true spirit of crossfit. Lately I've been happy with the progress I've made in the box - handstands, pull ups, PR's, RXing essentially every WOD. Food, however has been my vice. I haven't consistently counted macros in weeks, and I feel it. It's time to grab my discipline by the throat and get some real work done. Today I bumped up my protein to 150g and I'm psyched to see what will happen. I'm always nervous about adjusting my macro count, but I know when I count consistently things happen. My bff and cf partner Amanda (Warrior Princess) and I have big goals. We've been working so hard, and it's awesome to finally have a workout babe that wants to put in work. She has given me the gas needed to keep grinding to my ridiculous goals that seem unreachable at times. Stay tuned. 🎶Just can't worry about now haters gotta stay on my grind🎶 #vegansofig #veganfitness #veganprotein #plantbased #plantbasedpower #plantbasedmuscle #meatfreeathlete #nomeatathlete #notyourbabe #fitfam #fattofit #iifym #macros #hardcoreherbivore #happyherbivore #thickthighs #girlswholift #crossfitrxd #creepinitreal #crossfit #allgirlliftingteam #effyourbeautystandards #poweredbyplants #plantbased #girlsofcrossfit #killerbabeclub

Lyndsey Burgess (@lynzbfit)

When the lighting is good I take an awkward photo 🙃😑🤚🏼
This week I start my mini cut for my vacation/honeymoon in November 🌴 I'm already super happy with how my reverse diet went and love where I'm sitting at physique wise. The fact that I can already see some definition has me extremely excited of what's to come! The body is sooooo amazing and it can do magnificent things if you take care of it and treat it right 💪🏼 This morning was shoulders and a little chest #happyhumpday friends!

J😂J😱 (@crazyspirityoga)

#charity shops are full of amazing stuff, look at this a hat purpose made for a #ginger #youhavetolaugh #hats #thriftstorefinds

Avancia Ski (@avanciaski)

Dette er så rått❗️repost @lillesofie89:☀️👏
Camilla startet å trene aktivt for 5 mnd siden. Hun har i det siste fått sansen for knebøy og markløft i tillegg til sine faste Spinning og Bootcamptimer hos oss.
Pers.rek var 40kg, men i dag klinte hun til med 72,5kg i markløft❗️🙌💪😅 Vi er imponert og "bøyer oss i hatten"🥇🏋🏼‍♀️ Tagg #avanciaski i dine treningsbilder du også ❗️📸🙌🏋️️‍♀️🚴🏽🏃
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Brittany Timmer (@bptimmer)

Happy Hump Dayyyy! Kinda liking this 'knot the dress' trend. I think I'll keep doing it. And eating peanut butter. And being ok with the fact I'm the heaviest I've been in a long time. I'm rocking this lifestyle thing, and damn proud of it! 🙌🏼 (Also- I won't lie: that scale is not coming out again! It threw me for a second, but I won...)

🇨🇦JamiePostill (@jamiepostill)

Couldn't say this any better!!
#Repost @fitprobecky (@get_repost)
When I started competing, there wasn't as much social media out there and I never used it. I literally had no idea what anyone else was doing unless I followed message boards or personally kept in contact with other athletes. I am so thankful for that!!!
With no distractions and no self imposed expectations of what or who I should be online, my only option was to put my head down and work. I remember those mornings at 5am - dead tired, trying to psych myself up to lift in a gym where no one else competed. The thought that kept me going was "Someone, somewhere is working - I will not let them out work me." No specific idea, just this picture of my competition busting ass. So I better too.
Some of you might be well served to follow suit and focus more on your training and less on your online presence.
I'm often asked for recommendations - particularly coaching. I'll ask the athlete who they've worked with before and check out some of their photos. It's definitely key (and at times difficult) to find a coach that best fits your personality and goals, but if I look at your social media and I see more selfies than results, the answer may not be a new coach.
Social media success and competitive achievement are often mutually exclusive. One does not guarantee the other. And I promise you, as a judge, I often don't know and I definitely don't care how many followers you have. If you want to win, my advice to you is to get off your phone, and get to work.
If you can manage both and enjoy it, more power to you! But if you're losing your pump because you gotta get a gym selfie, you may wanna rethink your priorities. If you're not losing body fat because you're going live on Insta (while your cardio slows to a crawl) you may wanna rethink your goals. And if you're melting down because of the comments (or lack there of) on your last progress pic, you might wanna remind yourself who your audience is on stage - the judges. Not your followers.
Just my two cents - but as a competitor who never shared much of her journey online (I kept it personal and private), I can tell you, there's value in worki

Sara Kinnvik, Sweden (@sarakinnviks)

Swollen legs after today's session😜💪🏼 Ren hat-kärlek när man kör ben och @j_fallmar tvingar en köra dropset x2 i benpressen, sedan ett Pyramid-set & sedan dropset x2 igen😷😂 #wednesday #workout #legday #swollenlegs #gettowork #dowhatyoulove #doitforyou #workhard #getresults #prepmode #girlswholift #improvements #intensegymjkpg #nocco #addicecream #slenderchef #teamswedishsupplements

Kissable Corsets (@kissablecorsets)

@Regrann from @jcfitness4u - I will beat her. I will train harder and eat cleaner. I know her weaknesses and her strengths. I've lost to her before but not this time. I have the advantage because I know her well...she is the old me 👊🏻 #youvsyou .
Wake up Wednesday! Really excited this week so far having great lifts and being able to deadlift and squat without any back pain is a plus 😁👍🏻 Small victories but hit 135# for deadlift (form is good just need to take away some of my neck extension and bring my head more neutral) and hit 95# for a front squat to match my back squat. You won't feel strong everyday and it's not everyday that you'll have a great lift, but get in there and just do it ✔️ 🎧 @fittbudz 💋Back support from @kissablecorsets
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Courtney Lyniece Becker (@courtney_becker116)

Yesterday's EMOM of 6 bar facing burpees and 1 squat clean&jerk at 225/155 adding 10/5 lbs each minute. Shout out to @christopher_becker116 and @dangus10 for changing my weights while I did burpees!! Side note: I was making 10lb jumps the whole time!! Dang it. 🤦‍♀️
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Jessica Gresty (@jessicagresty)

🌱 What my current plant based grocery basket looks like 🌱

Fresh turmeric, ginger, chilli peppers, broccoli, limes, kale, spinach, blackberries, strawberries, olives, walnuts, hummus, ground flax seed, tofu, black beans, kidney beans, edamame beans, soya yoghurt, oats, rice, sweet & white potato, white & green tea