Stephanie Lepine (@s_lexo)

Toned back and arms for summer!! Training my back and biceps has become my fave to train 💪 By toning I don't mean growing, I never go massively heavy. I want to maintain the muscle as it is so I usually go for 12 reps max and by the end I like to go for drop sets.
For an extra PUMP I am currently using "Feel the pump" which I am totally obsessed with!

Supplements: by @blacklistsupplements @tntmascouche
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Music: Paris Blohm - Let me go

🌴M A L I B U F O X🌴 (@malibufox)

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Maytê Melendez 🎀 (@fofurasdamayte)

"Me disseram que eu sentiria um amor total por minha filha, não posso dizer que não fui avisada...mas nada poderia ter me preparado para tal intensidade." ❤️💮
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