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With love, don’t be a taker & not a giver when it comes to receiving donations. I say this all the time, wrote blog posts & ebooks around this. If you have people who support your mission in ANY way, what are doing to thank them? Card, merchandise, yearly birthday wishes (depending on the amount & type of donation). There’s levels to this. Your vision is bigger than what you can handle sometimes which is why you also need a team (another topic). -
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"Journey to Achievement Culture"

Culture is the shared values, norms and expectations that help people make decisions about how they should behave in order to fit in and succeed (and in some cases survive). Today, I had the privilege to speak at the Asia Pacific Maritime Conference in Singapore and to share my practical experiences of culture transformation in the corporate environment.

We at PeopleStories have clear values: REAL, INTEGRITY, EMPOWERMENT and PARTNERSHIP!

We are excited to bring them to life as we drive towards an Achievement Culture with our social projects.

Thanks to the generous support and opportunity from Human Synergistics International and Haizea Moreno!

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Ramadan is meant to be a time of peace, but for those living in Syria, bullets and bombs rain down even during this month of peace. During Ramadan in 2013 Sarah was badly burnt in an airstrike. Ever since she tells her mom that she doesn’t feel pretty anymore. Sarah’s mom feels strongly that the surgeries we’re providing for her will help build her confidence so she can look in the mirror and see the beautiful girl that she is.
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Can you please Help me and share my fundation for frends.
Or Donate if there is such a possibility.
Thank you very much !
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•hormonal skin•
We all have our issues with hormonal acne occasionally. Hormones and stress cause annoying breakouts that can be tough to get rid of and easily irritated. These two oils, Melaleuca and ClaryCalm, are extremely helpful in addressing hormonal fluctuations and can be used as a spot treatment for blemishes.
ClaryCalm is an oil blend known for its hormone balancing properties, and soothes the skin. Try using a drop or two directly on your blemishes or even add it to your favorite facial lotion. Bonus tip: Apply ClaryClam to your pulse points to support hormonal imbalance as well.
Melaleuca helps to clear blemishes by balancing oily skin, supporting healthy bacteria, and reducing redness. Personally, I prefer to use the touch roller since it is so easily to use without getting extra oil on my fingers. A small drop of the oil applied directly to the blemish works great as well!

dōTERRA Oils | Amanda & Brett (@oilswithus)

Do you have a stubborn rash, bug bite, pimple, cold, virus, earache, or ingrown toenail? dōTERRA’s Melaleuca oil to the rescue! It’s a great solution for all of these issues. I personally make sure I ALWAYS have Melaleuca on hand for keeping my skin free of blemishes.

dōTERRA Oils | Amanda & Brett (@oilswithus)


With a sunshiny, optimistic scent, dōTERRA Cheer oil can be used to counteract negative emotions and provide a boost of happiness and positivity when you are feeling down. This was an oil I (Amanda) made sure I used often while away at college in San Diego when I was homesick, and it gave me the boost of energy I needed to power through and be positive!

dōTERRA Oils | Amanda & Brett (@oilswithus)

•peppermint & lavender•

This is Peppermint and Lavender Touch. They both have many uses, but for this time of year the seemingly most important are cooling the body, calming nausea, and improving quality of rest. Peppermint is used to relieve headaches, clear up sinuses, and a natural cooling effect. This can applied to the chest and bottoms of feet to open airways, temples and back of neck to subside a headache, and stomach to relieve an upset stomach.
Lavender is a natural calmer to the senses since it aids in improving relaxation and sleep quality. It id important in the process of recovery, and can be applied to the spine and bottoms of feet for better rest.

Best Of Fort Worth (@bestpicsoffortworth)

We have a day for giving thanks; and one for giving back: #GivingTuesday, Dec. 1., is a global day for donating to a cause that is closest to your heart. A gift to the Fort Worth Zoo can help ensure our park is clean, our animals receive the best care available and much more. For example, your donation of $25 could buy five grapevine wreaths for animal enrichment. Consider a donation to the Fort Worth Zoo on #GivingTuesday. More information at

Boys & Girls Clubs LA Harbor (@bgclaharbor)

Congratulations to Jackson Butler! Jackson was accepted to San Francisco State University and Cal State Dominguez Hills. Way to go Jackson! #bgclahmoments #seewherebgclahgoes

Best Of Fort Worth (@bestpicsoffortworth)

Black Friday has come and gone, but #GivingTuesday is just around the corner! Next Tuesday, give back and consider a donation to the Fort Worth Zoo. Keeping the Fort Worth Zoo running requires many skilled people, mostly behind-the-scenes. Your donation of $50 could buy a garden hose, 150 apple sticks for small animals or a 15-gallon animal water bowl. Learn more at

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And let's not forget about the #redpandas! We love how @redpandanetwork created original artwork to celebrate #GivingTuesday last year! #nationalpandaday #pandas #givingtuesday #redpanda

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We love how @wwf helped people make #GivingTuesday panda themed with their #WWFGifts campaign. So today, we're celebrating #NationalPandaDay by sharing some of our favorite panda images! Share yours! #pandas #givingtuesday #givingback