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The only pic I have from my wedding so far... me in all vintage and my bridesmaids in the waiting room before I go down the aisle. ⭐️My dress is 1940s and my second dress was 1929. I'll post more pics when I get them. ⭐️About to fly to France now for my honeymoon so please be patient with my Old Hollywood posts. ⭐️Back to business asap! ⭐️

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After "Psycho" release Hitchcock has received the angry letter from the father of the girl who began to refuse to take a bath after she has watched at "Les Diabolique" (dir. Clouzot, 1955), and after "Psycho" - began to refuse to take also a shower. Hitchcock has only answered it: "take away her in a dry-cleaner"
Psycho, 1960
Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
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another animated collage 🎞️
It's not what it seems to be #glamour πŸ’…

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🎬 Happy Birthday Bob (1903-2003)πŸŽ‚ ! Paulette Goddard πŸ’• and the legendary Bob Hope βœ”οΈ "The Cat and the Canary - Le mystΓ¨re de la maison Norman" directed by Elliot Nugent (1939) with Gale Sondergaard βœ”οΈ "The Ghost Breakers - Le mystΓ¨re du chΓ’teau maudit" directed by George Marshall (1940) βœ”οΈ "Nothing but the truth - Rien que la vΓ©ritΓ©" directed by Elliot Nugent (1941) πŸ˜„ #paulettegoddard #bobhope #elliotnugent #georgemarshall #galesondergaard #thecatandthecanary #theghostbreakers 🌟 #greetactress #cinemaicons #screenlegends #oldhollywoodstar #oldhollywoodglamour #goldenagecinema #goldenhollywood #goldencinema #classicfilms #classichollywood 😎

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President John F. Kennedy was born on this day in 1917.
Here he is having a laugh with Frank Sinatra. 🎢
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Rosemary's Baby (1968), psychological thriller/ horror directed by Roman Polanski, starring Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Sidney Blackmer.
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I'm finally back guys! πŸ’•

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As promised, here is a bit more of Diane and Al, from her book Then Again. Third and last part will be posted in a few days.πŸ˜€
"He was so sensitive that he was insensitive to his surroundings. I know that sounds like an odd description for the Godfather, but sometimes I swear Al must have been raised by wolves. There were normal things he had no acquaintance with, like the whole idea of enjoying a meal in the company of others. He was more at home eating alone standing up. He did not relate to tables or the conversations people had at them. (...) "Heaven" brought me something else: Al Pacino one more time. He was irresistible as always, and we started palling around, but it was different this time. We were older. He wasn't the Godfather. I wasn't Kay Corleone. He invited me to come to his home one Sunday, then another and another. Al was consumed by two things: baseball and the theater. He was an artist. In the middle of the GF III shoot in Rome, I gave Al an ultimatum: Marry me, or at least commit to the possibility. We broke up, got back together, and went on to spend another year implementing our pattern of breakups. Poor Al, he never wanted it. Poor me, I never stop insisting. (...) I didn't care if it would work or not. I was happy to hear him read Macbeth at midnight, just to listen to the sound of his voice. He was crazy. Crazy great. It was always 'Di.' ' Di, make me some coffee, hot and black.' 'Di, come sit next to me so we can talk.' He hated goodbyes. He preferred to vanish as mysteriously as he appeared. Sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night and find him making tea or eating popcorn and plain M&Ms. He liked plain. I liked him plain. I loved him, but my love was not making me a better person. I hate to say it, but I was not plain. I was too much. (...) Two months after dad died, Al admitted in the safety of the therapist's office what I must have always known: He never had any intention of marrying me. What he wanted was out. And that's what he got. He got out. I watched him walk into the light of the California sun without so much as a glance back. Later the same day, he flew to the safety of New York."
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πŸ“° Happy Birthday To the Glamourous American Actress Carroll Baker (1931) Born on May 28 #carrollbaker 86 years πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ ! Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her role in "Baby Doll - La poupΓ©e de chair" @goldenglobes πŸ’“ Giant - GΓ©ant 🌟 The Big Country - Les grands espaces 🌟 How the West Was Won - La conquΓͺte de l'Ouest 🌟 The Carpetbaggers - Les ambitieux 🌟 Cheyenne Autumn - Les Cheyennes 🌟 Harlow - Harlow la blonde platine 🌟 Something Wild - Au bout de la nuit 🌟 She was married to the Czech Director Jack Garfein & English Actor Donald Burton #donaldburton #jackgarfein πŸ™„ Mother of actress Blanche Baker & Composer Herschel Garfein #blanchebaker #herschelgarfein 😊 A Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame #walkoffame #hollywoodwalkoffame ⭐️ #greetactress #cinemaicons #screenlegends #oldhollywoodstar #oldhollywoodglamour #goldenagecinema #goldenhollywood #goldencinema #classicfilms #classichollywood 😎

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Hold Your Hat (original title: Hey Hey Henrietta) (1928) #sallyphipps #nickstuart #holdyourhat #1920s #20s #silent #silentera #silentfilm #silenthollywood #oldhollywood #goldenhollywoodera #classichollywood #classiccinema #classichollywoodera #vintagehollywood #vintagemovieposter #hollywoodgreats #hollywoodlegend #silverscreen #goldenageofhollywood #hollywoodland #oldhollywoodera #goldenhollywood
I originally thought this was going to be a "Mystery Post" but after a little research I discovered the title of this film was changed to "Hold Your Hat". Often posters, film advertisements or heralds for a film would be created early in development featuring an original title & the actors first cast in the film. Many times once filming started some of the actors had been replaced & the title changed before its release
I recently found many film advertisements & a few posters from the silent era, several from Fox (before it became 20th Century Fox). If I saved them for my "Silent Sunday" posts it would take me forever to get them all posted so I'm going to break with tradition & post them whenever the mood strikes me.
Here's the first one...I hope you enjoy them

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"Every time Clark Gable walked into the comissary for lunch I just about dropped my fork" -Elizabeth Taylor❀️
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