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@lovedecocoatings Janet South supporting #friendsforlife Melissa St John @goredforwomen event. Melissa experienced personal loss #congenitalheartdefect of a child and #passionateliving for the #goodcause.

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#Repost @nowzadrescue with @repostapp
Who we are :- The Nowzad mission statement is; 'To relieve the suffering of animals in Afghanistan; including companion animals, working equines, stray and abandoned dogs and cats and all other animals in need of care and attention, and to provide and maintain rescue, rehabilitation and education facilities for the care and treatment of such animals with no voice but ours'

Our work in Afghanistan to make a difference for all the dogs, cats and other animals with no voice but ours started from one man’s efforts to make a difference for one dog at a time in a place that was back then described as the most dangerous place on Earth... Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

TODAY we have reunited over 1000 soldiers with the dogs and cats that they rescue and bond with on the front lines in Afghanistan and we continue to be there for the brave men and women who show compassion to animals during their deployment.

Nowzad operates the only official animal shelter in the whole of Afghanistan and is supported by a modern veterinary clinic staffed by a team of Afghan nationals delivering care and attention to animals in distress. Our vital work in Afghanistan now includes animal welfare education and the prevention of the spread of rabies.

The charity has fantastic support from animal lovers the world over, who have offered their time in promoting and funding the aims of the charity. Every donation we receive is much appreciated and makes a big impact in our work for the animals with no voice but ours. #goodcause #feelgoodfriday #friyay #dreamteam #animalcharity #charity #miltary #supportourtroops #vets #veterinarian #afghanistan #animals #dogs #dog #cats #cat #animallover #mission #missionstatement

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Im helping the children, you should too!
#stbaldricks #goodcause #mar12

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I received this sad note from someone who is trying to help this poor kitty find a new home. 😿💔 "Hello,
I am writing this email in regards to Mya, a domestic short haired black cat with green eyes, currently living in South Milwaukee, WI. She is 6 years old. Mya started peeing in the house 4 years ago after having a declaw procedure done to her front paws because the mom was pregnant.
Mya started peeing outside the litter box and on all of the babies clothes after she had the baby. After Mya started peeing, the vet told her it was because of territorial issues, not the declaw.
After 2 years of this, the family then got a German shepherd who tried to attack Mya.
Because of this, Mya has been living in the basement for 1 1/2 years.
The family is moving, and needs to find a new home for Mya within the week.
From what the family says, she is a loving cat who adores attention from everyone. "

If you live near South Milwaukee, WI and want to give this poor little kitty a second chance, please email me asap to citythekitty@gmail.com
If the family can't find a home for her they will take her to a shelter and most likely she will be euthanized. She doesn't use the litter box so most likely her paws are in pain from the declaw. The family is trying to get the x-rays of her paws for me to see if she has bone chips.
The vet who did the declaw uses the guillotine method. When a cat owner asks for a price of a neuter and is there anything else they recommend, this practice asks if you want a declaw also and that it's $250 for a front declaw or $288 for all four paws. They say the vet does declaws weekly. They also recommend using @Purina​ 's Yesterday's News cat litter and sell bags for $8.
If you want to help end this animal cruelty that is done to around 5000 cats a day in America, please sign the petition to Purina that is on the link on my bio. 🙏🏻❤️ Purina is making millions of dollars from declawing. 😿
Also BOYCOTT vets who declaw cats!! 😾#useyourvoice #speakup #please #help #pawsneedclaws

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♻️Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose ♻️ - we are very excited that our state of the art kitchen at J.Davis House (along with appliances, bathroom and kitchenette) is finding NEW HOME and purpose at the brand new CNIB GTA Community Hub at Yonge and St. Clair. We are looking forward to trying out some freshly baked cookies 🍪made in the accessible kitchen at the new Hub, which will be used for CNIB’s “Community Engagement and Family Support” programs.
@cnib_ontario @CNIBOntario 🙌

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Hey guys! First we'd like to say thank you to everyone who purchased a shirt and joined us in the effort to support PAWS animal shelters of Chicago. Didn't get a shirt? No problem. We still have a few shirts in stock. If you are interested, please message us your size and color and we'll let you know what we have left. Thanks again!

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#nyrrclubnight What a great night!!! ⭐️ 🏃🏻 🍾 🥂 🥇
Super inspiring stories, incredible athletes followed by tons of fun and dancing!!! Definitely the stories of the @achillesintl @achillesnyc athletes were the most inspirational ones I have ever heard!!! 🎇
If a night like that does not make you #resolvetorun I don't think anything else can!!! Great job @nyrr , you totally nailed it!!!
I am injured now, but I will be back on time to run the #unitednychalf!!! Please read our story and make my miles count, support my next #unitednychalf 👩‍⚕️👩🏻🔬and donate to Fred's team to support cancer research!!!No donation is too small!!! Here is the link (and also in the bio): 💰
http://mskcc.convio.net/site/TR/FredsTeamEvents/FredsTeam?pg=personal&px=3583250&fr_id=2871 -
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Are you Looking for something fun to do and want to help raise money for a good cause ?? This is for you 👊🏻 Need more info @hannahyzaguirre can sign you up

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@animalia_apparel are supporting #HaveaHeartfortheHomeless and going out in a few weeks to see how we can help the cause💡 @tonyanimalia has been working real hard on the idea for a while and its exciting to see it coning togeather! 💪
Check out the #GoFundMe page on the @animalia_apparel bio if you have any spare pennies or want to find out more!! __________
#AnimaliaCommunity #HeretoHelp #Animalia #Charity #GoodCause

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#FITBFriday - We're five days away! ✋️What are you looking forward to the most?

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Great to have the amazing Madeline Stuart stop by for a quick photoshoot.
Special Thanks to Twill.

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All the feels for this candle holder from @hopeinplanks. Not only is it really, really ridiculously good lookin', it also helps orphans. I'll drink to that (it is Friday, after all). Check out the blog today to learn all about them and other great companies helping out the kiddos. Regram @hopeinplanks #reallyreallyreallyridiculouslygoodlooking #goodcause #goodbusiness #bgood