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🚫You can workout for hours ⏰ a day like until you turn blue in the face but it will be worthless if you don't at least try to eat healthy 80% of the time 🍎80% of Results come come what we EAT & only 20% from out workouts 💪🏻💦💦❕ Find a meal plan that works for you and with your body not just to lose weight 🥗Eat more foods that heal
🥒Foods that raise your vibration 🍊Foods your body absorb the nutrients

Lim Jien Yaw (@jienyaw)

New year! New team! New wishes!
Hopefully all the thing go smoothhhh!!! #wonderful

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Life is so much easier when you just chill out.. don't put too much stress.. be happy,keep chill and stay smile.. you will feel life 🤗..
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Nicole Nunez (@online_wellness_with_nicole)

Anyone else ready to get rid of the muffin top?
Do you or someone you know want to get rid of 10-40lbs by Summer?
If so, comment below or message me, go to my website.

GET ON THIS LIST!! These ladies did it and so can you!!! I’ll be sending out info & enrollments tonight & tomorrow.

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The Pink Door

Pappardelle al ragù bolognese (Slow simmered meat sauce with fresh pasta 🍝)
Bread with olive oil

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Bar is open now!!
Are you ready to drink and dance? So lets get high on booze and groove to the music only at Gravity Mantra - Bar & Restaurant

For Reservation : 9599196531/ 32/ 35

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Nicole Nunez (@online_wellness_with_nicole)

A few items to make ahead of time: Roasted veggies,
brown rice or quinoa
A fresh garden salad
Boiled eggs are a few staples I like to have on deck
All you have to do is choose your protein
Makes dinner easy or pack and go for an easy lunch
#healthystaples #dinnermadeeasy #lunchoptions

Ayi Nita (@ayinita)

Happy Holiday CNY🎋🍊🏝️♥️Hope in this new year may Good Luck And Good fortune always be with U !

Nicole Nunez (@online_wellness_with_nicole)

Today I was reflecting on how I used to think eating healthy was expensive and time consuming. Now I know better.
Being sick is EXPENSIVE and going from one doctor to the next specialist to therapy is a time stealer.

I prayed and prayed for God to heal my body and my finances because you see when I got sick I was unable to work. Yes being sick is expensive. It wrecks havoc on your mind from worry, your body from the dis ease and your finances!
Not to mention my kids lost the once very active mom they knew

I know first hand how expensive it is to be sick. Then one day God told me to use the tools He had given me. I didn’t recognize it initially because of how it was presented. But as I moved forward with every 1 step I took, He took 2.
My body began to heal itself. Soon I was able to move around easier and felt less pain the weight that had come as a result of the dis-ease in my body began to shed and I had amazing energy.

Now I get to help others to remove the excuse of its expensive. It’s actually cheaper now than it was 4-5 years ago but that’s another story 😉

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired I want to help you. I have an amazing group of supportive sisters who was once where you are and we want you to teach your goals!
Whether it’s to lose weight, balance your hormones, lower that blood pressure, tighten up or to relieve some stress we are here for you.

Message me or comment below if you are ready to invest in your health because you are worth it