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Dalam keabu-abuan,
Setiap cinta kita pada dunia tanpa cintai pemiliknya adalah keabu-abuan.
Seperti cintai materi,
Cintai tahta,
Dan juga wanita.
Dititik abu-abu ini, aku tetap sadari dan mengiyakan bahwa menjaga amanahMu yg Engkau tuangkan dalam firman adalah hal terindah.
Sehingga setiap waktuku (meskipun dalam keabu-abuan) aku terus berharap untuk menggapai hal terindah tersebut.
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@JessicaDiner is a proud member of the @BritishVogue family. Having spent eight years at Vogue as beauty and health editor, Jessica moved on to the role of content and creative director at @Birchboxuk for three years. She was always interested in beauty, but came across her career path by chance when interning at @VanityFairUK. She instantly fell in love with the beauty room, and that’s how her story began. After Birchbox, Jessica went back to Vogue in 2017 as a beauty and lifestyle director at an exciting time, with the new editor-in-chief #EdwardEnninful at the helm for this “new era” at British Vogue.

MERCER7 had the amazing opportunity to speak to Jessica during @londonfashionweek and asked her a few questions about her style, beauty must haves, career highlight and motherhood.
Thank you Jessica for your time and being so incredibly lovely! 🙌🏼
“Perseverance, dedication and a smile. I believe that if someone has the right attitude and energy you feed off that.” – JESSICA DINER

READ THE FULL FEATURE OVER ON MERCER7.COM/INTERVIEWS or follow direct link in bio. #britishvogue

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Words are meaningless actions are more worthy so show some action! 🙏🏻

MitorieQuotes (@mitoriequotes)

Every second that ticks is important for those who wants to be succesful 🙏🏻

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😂whoever wrote this quote - thank you 🙏

I just need a tshirt with this printed on it then I can be a simple man like Steve Jobs 🤔 #simplicityistheultimatesophistication

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Eat for the body you want not for the body you have

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Life is a journey of highs and lows. Some days your soul feels heavy and your knees feel weak, other days it’s almost like your heart could leap! Life moves you through these waves, all you have to do is stay very, very brave. Those who keep floating will win, you just have to be patient and connect within. 💖 #soulsunday#goodquotes #foreverconscious

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Marlenas' Vegan #Chilaquiles
No Eggs, Sauce, Or Cheese; Yes on the carrots, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, garlic, lil bit of collard greens, ginger, and cilantro. Very delicious with freshly smashed Peruvian #beans- not from the can (those days for beans were over for me once I learned and taught myself to cook). + #Avocado 🥑
This is my breakfast specialty🌅🌸 #Mexican Family
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p.s. I rather eat bananas🍌🍌 with hummus than cook 😂🤓🙏