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Kourtney and her 'friend' back together again 😉😉 .. How cute!

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Further to today's 1st episode of our new #instaseries #laurensloves where we aired her new beaus first first day release from prison - where they got to spend some real time together 'in reality' this is also the long awaited day, where Lauren had previously said (but now changed her mind on) that she was going to try to conceive his spawn! 😳 but it looks like she just got his name tattooed on her wrist instead 🙄 😂...to be continued..get ready for episode 2 of #laurenslove

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As we've only just joined up we didn't get a chance to do a #mariafowler and 'wade' in on this whole online spat between #cbbuk #nicolamclean & #daniellelloyd after Nic accused Dan of naming her dog after her son Rocky and felt it to be in bad taste. Commenting on Dans insta post that "I may call my new addition Alfie" which is the name of Danielle's son. Ugh! The drama of the bored housewives! Anyway, Danielle let her mother & brother do the talking and let them clap back at Nic. Nic then once again used Maria to her advantage by getting her to do what she does best and wade into the argument. 😂 Nic them swans off into the #cbb house leaving wader Maria to pick up the pieces 😂 but that's not all! Danielle's ex husband Jamie is in the house much to nics delight it seems, as she no sooner lands in the house and she's all over him like a women who hasn't had attention from a man or been out of the house in years! Oh wait! 🤔 anyway, once again she uses this to her advantage to hit two birds with one stone - flirt with Jamie 1, piss off cheating dosser lodger swanning round the world (while she's left at home with kids crying into a glass of lambrini and getting into Twitter spats) husband who's of course at home with kids waiting for her to come home the money so he can swan off again! And 2, piss off the ex wife who she just happened to have a spat with before entering!😂 good work Nic 👏 now if you could only use the same manipulative and cunning tactics on your 'Husband' - who of course isn't going to leave you; as you're the one who really earns the money! - then you're life would improve immensely! he may start to respect you more at least. #gossipqueens #reality #news #tea #realitytv #celebrity
stayed tuned for the all new #instaseries #therealboredhousewives featuring #nicolamclean #mariafowler as our first two featuring #castmates who else do you think should join the cast #queens ?.

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Here we go #queens get ready for season 1 episode 1 of our #laurengoodger #instaseries Lauren shares pics of her and her jailbird love Joey Morrison on his first day out on day release from prison. It's on this day that she said she was hoping to try and conceive his child. 🙄 (if you go down to the woods today 🎤) 😂 Lauren also got (as she does for every boyfriend) his name tattooed on her wrist, let's hope it's the opposite from where she got Jakes removed from last summer! Or was that Marks? Ugh!so confusing! But we will get to the bottom of this Queens and see how this love story plays out..so stay tuned for part 2 of #laurenloves only airing on #gossipqueen #celebrity #celebritynews #celebritygossip #tea #news #reality #towie #gossipqueens

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So much fun w my girls today!!! Much needed girl time #besties #thelocas #talkingsmack #gossipqueens #loveem


Be with some1 who is gud for ur mental health#GossipQueens #SundaySpecial

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• Spent the afternoon chatting and hiding from the rain with some delicious @mscupcakeuk treats! 🌧️#brixton #bestfriends #veganbaking #coffee #gossipqueens

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On an appearance of watch whats happening live Charlie Sheen was asked if him and Rihanna mended this from a previous fall out, and he let us know they didn't by insulting her calling her a bitch. Now the navy is in his comments going crazy. #Rihanna #Charlieshen #wwhl #bravo #bravotv #celebrity #celebritynews #celebrities #rihannanavy #fenty #GOSSIPQUEENS #gossip


Sometimes I feel like they're talking about me. #gossipqueens #catsofinstagram