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QOTD: what do YOU think of Lee Thompkins? If you could describe her in one word what would it be?
AOTD: I personally hate her she is so cruel to Jim and sometimes a total B****, she gets on my LAST NERVE!😒😡😤🔪 My one word to describe her is Trash! Now if you disagree I won't get upset it's only opinions. #leethompkins #gotham #trash #whatdoyouthink #qotd No hate to @baccarin.morena she's a great actress. #morenabaccarin @gothamonfox

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And so ends my Takeover Tuesday! I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into my day 🤗 I hope you'll follow me over at @cchcblog in the future! I'm off to record a podcast, Legends of Gotham, at Come check it out 🎧


Great comedian tommorow night at #gotham come out and support #local #comedy #drinkgotham @drinkgotham

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SPOILERS!!! Jerome Valeska in 3x13 was 👌


I love Gotham, its got me hooked.
I esspecially love Oswald and Ivy.
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