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Maça recheada 🍎 Veganoides

Você está aí pensando em o que fazer de gostoso entre natal e ano novo, logo mais vamos postar um resumo das melhores receitas para as ceias, enquanto isso, fique com essa super sobremesa vegana: Maça recheada, já provou? Se não, essa é a hora.

O que usei:

5 maças
Amendoim moído
Nozes quebradas
Uva passas
Leite condensado vegetal (de soja)
Óleo de coco

Como faz: Respire profundamente e lembre-se que toda a energia do preparo é o que vai no estômago de quem ingerir esse alimento. Lave as maças e corte no meio, fazendo um furo no topo em forma de cone.

Coloque a lata de leite condensado (de soja) em uma panela de pressão. Deixe cozinhar até 30 minutos depois que a panela começar a fazer barulho.

Recheio: Em um pote coloque o amendoim moído, pique as nozes e damasco, coloque as uvas passas e recheie as maçãs. Coloque-as em uma forma untada com óleo de coco e leve ao forno por 20 minutos. Deixe esfriar e saboreie esta sobremesa deliciosa com um pouco de doce de leite (leite condensado de soja cozido). Está pronto! Aproveite!

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Alex (@cauliflowerfighter)

Hey team,
Putting in some extra hours of training before the holidays. Afterwards there are just 4 weeks until finals. 💪
I'm going to be tested in basketball and boxing in addition to the theoretical courses. I'm all in! 👊
I'm also doing tons of swimming for the test in the upcoming semester. I have come pretty far from close to non-swimming to 2-3km a week. There should be butterfly style swimming on the schedule this Wednesday. Afterwards I will decide which styles I'm going to prep for the test. 🏊
Got myself a nice Christmas present today: ordered 4kg of nut butter from @myproteinde . Looking forward ❤️

Stay tuned,
Alex out ✌️

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sunny Ⓥ🌻 (@compassionatesun)

such gentle being 💛
probably dead by now.

Vegan Travel (

Hopping on the L Train to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we were running late for our Sunday Brunch reservation, but luckily the good people @modernlovebrooklyn kindly held our table for us. The restaurant was at capacity but we were greeted warmly and our server was fantastic. And wow, what an amazing meal it was! We had the Caramel Apple French Toast, their Tofu Benedict, and their Breakfast Tacos. Everything was absolutely delicious! What a great way to start a Sunday!

rinomat (@rinomat)

Elender Saftladen hier ... draußen Schnee und schon wieder kamelarschdunkel gibt’s drinnen wenigstens leuchtend rotes Pflanzenmassaker ins Glas. Ein dreiviertel Liter bester Saft aus Apfel, Zitrone und Rote Bete. Auf dem Herd köchelt Kürbissuppe und Rosenkohl ist auch schon geschnibbelt. Gegen grau hilft Farbe ... sagt meine Gemüsefrau Fatima und hat wie immer aber sowas von recht 😃 #veganfoodshare #vgnpwr #vegetarisch #healthy #vegan #fitfood #fruits #veganwerdenwaslosdigga #saft #food #govegan #wholefoods #vegangermany #veganzumtitan #redjuice

Maggie Whitman🌞🌴 (@fruity_fitness_)

The beauty of a perfect nicecream swirl✨🍦I wish someone would have told me about nicecream when I was younger, I would’ve eaten it all the freaking time instead of getting pints of Ben & Jerry’s😋nicecream is ice cream made without dairy or harming cows🐮so you can enjoy healthy heaping bowls of ice cream while staying lean and healthy and saving the lives of other beings♥️it’s a win for everyone involved😜if you haven’t tried this simple life changing recipe do so asap🙌🏼just freeze some bananas (when ripe & covered in spots like a cheetah🐆you can peel them & cut them into chunks & freeze in a bag or container, or if you’re extra lazy like me, just throw them in the freezer as is! Then use hot water & run the bananas under it for a minute or two until the peel slides right off🍌) then blend up in a high powered blender or food processor with any other fruit or veggie or flavors or supplements you enjoy & create endless combos of healthy ice cream🤗💓if you’re having trouble blending it, let the fruit thaw a little more or try adding a splash of liquid or using an unfrozen ripe banana in the bottom of the blender to help get things moving while keeping your ice cream thick👌🏼🍦Happy creating🤓

Tastes Like Compassion (@vegan_pandas)

Lingonberry nana cream by @my_vegan_fridgie❤️😀Instructions:

100g frozen raspberries
1 tsp lingonberry powder
100g frozen strawberries
1 frozen banana
50 ml almond milk
1-2 dates ( optional )
Put all the ingredients in a blender.
Blend until smooth.
Serve with freeze-dried raspberries.
Served in a lovely sloth bowl by @barruntando_ceramica 💕🤗

Sky's The Limit Sanctuary (@skysthelimitsanctuary)

On the 7th day of #Chickens, my true love sent to me...🎶...Ball Bungee Cords! 🎄 Here at Sky’s we use a lot of tarps. We would like to use these cords to hang them instead of zip ties. 🙌🏼 Have you met Clark? It is possible that you have and even hugged him! 🤗 He is the star of our Hug a Rooster events! ⭐️ Clark came to us last New Years Eve (named after Dick Clark) with the So Cal girls. He is a big sweetheart and we love him very much! ❤️🐔 Will you be his Santa this Christmas? ❤️ We are grateful for all of our support! Thank you! 🙏🏽

vegan bourgeoisie.🍇 (@islandveganism)

Burger au steak de citrouille super bon 😋 .
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Ora Pro Nobis 🌿 (@orapronobis.cozinhavegana)

Tá tendo!!
Degustação de pãozinho de Fermentação natural, água saborizada e muitos produtos pra você levar pra casa 😍😍
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BEM LEVE confeitaria (@bemleveconfeitaria)

Naked cake VEGANO 🌱 de chocolate com doce de leite 😋.
Encomende já o seu pelo (98) 99223-1435 📲
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