#greatestmomever #foreverloved #noreplacement I have nothing but love and respect for this woman she has always been there for me since the day I met her she has been both a mother and a friend to me I know I can always count on her I only wish that I can pay her back for everything she does for me and oneday I will @nickii_vu love u mom❤️❤️


Most beautiful person inside and out, I thank God everyday for blessing me with the most amazing mother in the world ❤️ i love you Mami! #bestmomintheworld #mom #ilovemymom #greatestmomever #bestmomever #beauty #beautiful #everydayismothersday

Carlton Simpson (@carltonsimpson)

Big Congratulations to the Greatest mom on this planet for becoming an official Biblical Counselor. So greatful for you mom. I love you and everything you stand for in my life. #congrats, #greatestmomever.

Hobby Love (@hobbylove1)

My moms was old enough to be everyone on this picture mother. She surrounded herself with family and youth. Peep 👀 the lady in the black shirt and red pants😂👉 #thosewerethegooddays #loveyoumom #missyoumilly #missyoumom #greatestmomever #camillamontgomery #downtoearth #familyfirst #theillest #therealest #throwback @eddie_swing they don't make the like our moms anymore bro. I know your missing your baby too ✊@msivy_40

JW #bestlifeever (@dayz.ortiz)

You are one of the most hard working people I have seen. You always make time for Jehovah even during when you should be resting. Every evening heading out to do bible studies with dad and yet making time for your children and grandaughter. Always giving to the needy y siempre eres hospitalaria. I am blessed to have you as a mother. I love you mom and I know I didnt show it before as I should have in the past. Thank you for never giving up on me, you are a truly amazing woman! Everything you did was for us and for Jehovah. My father sure got the greatest gift! Te amo mama😙 Le encato a Delaya su regalo 🍏🎈 #tequeremosmama #jwfamily #familiadiaz #graciasmama #tequiero #mymom #greatestmomever
PC: @buuenosdias

Leslie Turner (

I can't believe it's been 6 years since we lost this beautiful lady. My heart still hurts as much today as it did 6 years ago. I not only lost my mom, I lost 1 of my best friends. I love & miss u so much mommy. Until we meet again😘 #GlennaMae #greatestmomever

Will Holder (@will_holder)

Happy Birthday to this amazing human. Thanks Madre for being such an incredible mom to all of us. I think this was the only time I've touched snow.

EMILY Ann Raynes🍭 (@emilyannraynes)

Not all #superheroes wear capes! Mine is this gorgeous #redhead, and she's currently recovering from #diverticulitis !😢 Just between me and you, moms aren't suppose to get sick!😔💖 #swiperight➡️ •Fun weekend with friends! •Yall see my precious #willowelyse stealing my heart more every second?!😍👼🏼 Heaven must miss this #angel!😘 #greatestmomever #mommasgirl #youthmeeting #rolledicecream #mydadphotobombing #greatgrandparents #4monthsold

Bisma C.K (@bisma_caesario)

"Why you never smile in your photo?"
Yeah, because only these people who can make me smile.
#family #greatestdadever #greatestmomever #familytime #saturdaynight

Marsha Solorio (@marshasolorio)

Posting this to make my fatty very jelly..he has been a fan of @malfuncsean for a long time.. each year as we see him having breakfast before monsterpalooza (coincidence not on a stalker way) he tries to work up the nerve to chat with him.. and always decides against it.. of course I text him this right away .. cuz I'm evil like that... hey he was the one to hurt his.leg and have to stay home breaking our forever mom/son time tradition. .. :P
#greatestmomever #sonofmonsterpalooza2017

Juli H. Robert (@robbi_c7)

Isn't it the prettiest mom you've ever seen @emmygauudreault #greatestmomever

Marcus Morton (@mr_marcus_m83)

Your birthday is a time to celebrate and say thank you for filling our lives with your faith , your laughter and your love . Your the heart and soul of our family ... Happy 64th bday Mama !!!! ❤️😘
#happydaymama #weloveyou #greatestmomever #64andcounting #gramdmaandgrandaughter #greybraids😳 #stillflydoe😂❤️

Bong Tongol (@bongo0452)

TODAY is My Mom's "GLORIA" Birthday. She could have been 87 years old... I can’t believe how many years have passed since I lost my mother, and every year at this time, I take some time to remember her. Sure I do a bit of crying, it’s perfectly natural. What a horrible feeling. Well I don’t want this post to be all sad and very emotional...
Remembering someone you have lost should not only be sadness but 'happiness' that they are now in a place much better than us. That’s if you believe in 'Heaven', which I do. I know she is in 'Heaven', and she is no longer in the pain when she was with us. My Mom went through a lot in her life, raising 12 children. She has lived so much, in such a short amount of time. We lost her 19 years ago, the moment I found out she passed is etched in my memory forever. The last time I've seen her will never escape my memory either. Oh how I miss her, how I wish she was still here. I miss her laughter, her loving smile, her enthusiasm, her strong faith in 'GOD' and her ever-giving 'LOVE'.. I just miss her terribly?
I have to admit when I woke this morning, I didn’t remember it was her birthday, I hate mornings like that, not remembering things, but then it hit me, and I knew it was my 'MOM' reminding me. I know it’s silly but that’s how I see it. I always burn a candle for her on her birthday, the day she passed, and on her death anniversary. I can’t tell you how much I miss her, it hurts so much! "And though I always miss you 'MOM', the 'endless' joy you brought to us warms my heart with 'gratitude' and fills every thought with thankfulness...I hope you can see how 'precious' and 'uplifting' you memory to me. I feel that you are with me in everything I do. So I will Celebrate Your 'Birthday' but I will spend it Missing 'YOU'... "HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM"! 'THANK YOU' for loving us all 'unconditionally' and receiving our love in return. 'THANK YOU ' for All the Memories We Will Always Cherish Forever. May you find eternal peace in GOD's heavenly paradise... I Love and Miss You Dearly MOM!❤️🙏 🌹💐 #Gloria #87 #HappyBirthdayMOM #LoveYou #MissYou #GreatestMomEver

Breauna Loren 🌺 (@blroer_)

HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAY'S to my wonderful mother! 30 sure does look good on you! 😉 Treat yourself to a coffee and basically anything else you want because today is your day! I love you SO much and I'm so happy I get to call you and talk to you about all of my problems because you help me solve them 99% of the time. #greatestmomever 💁🏻 Thank you for everything you've done for me, you're awesome. 🎂🎉❤️🎈
- ❤️ your most favorite daughter .
#happybirthday #momsarethebest

Jesse Vue (@vuejesse35)

Behind every great man or woman is a mother who has their back when everybody else is busy stabbing it. That mother is you. Happy birthday, Mom!
#happybirthdaymommy #greatestmomever