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Certain flowers have a way of being in our lives everyday and making them a little bit more joyful, a little bit more colorful🌿 and a little bit more healthy! There is this dainty, beautiful flower, that we use in some product or the other without even knowing its full benefits!
Ofcourse, you do not have to know the benefits of something to enjoy its beautyΒ <3Β ! This humble little guy is lavender! I love using lavender personally in most of my butters and lotions ! It has immense calming effect on me that most of the times you can catch me with a bottle of my personal pure organic lavender essential oil bottle in my purse!. According to Mountain Rose Herbs:
β€œIt has been thought for centuries to enflame passions as an aphrodisiac, and is still one of the most recognized scents in the world. The German Commission E commended lavender for treating insomnia, nervous stomach, and anxiety. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia lists it as a treatment for flatulence, colic, and depressive headaches, and many modern herbal practitioners use the herb to treat migraines in menopause. In Spain, it is added to teas to treat diabetes and insulin resistance.” This said, who is excited about a product I am going to reveal tonight that has Lavender as its prime ingredient!Β β€οΈπŸ€—.
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We honor the power of ginger in UMA’s Pure Energy Wellness Oil. This blend naturally fights fatigue and boosts energy – and is especially useful for those seeking a healthy alternative to caffeine. Ginger is our top pick to get you ready to take on 2017 with its energizing and uplifting properties. β €β €
β €β €
Learn all about the UMA ingredients you can find in tea to drink your way to bountiful beauty in our latest blog post out now! {Link in bio}.

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Oh how I could really use a weekend getaway to my family's "Happy Place!" I have really had a rough start to 2017...On the bright side, it can only get better! In the meantime, I will have to dream about the most magical & happiest place on earth. Hope to see you soon, Mickey! .
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Be sure to grab yourself some of our Tea tree & Frankincense face cream! Use Coupon code LOVE20 to receive 20% off your order!
Remember to pamper yourself today!
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No big deal. Just shaving with a piece of jewelry. Shower jewelry? πŸ€”

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Read the latest article on @bustle from @mikihayes to learn another way to use our Ultra Replenishing Oil during the cold, dry winter season πŸ’™β„οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ #bustle #wintertips #winterskincaretips #brr #oil #c2caliclean

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Is it possible to use natural deodorant, toothpaste, and soap, and still smell lovely and fresh??? This is a tough category, but I definitely have some favorites. Check out my quick chat just up on YouTube. Link in bio. 🌷

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Because you're worth it, baby girl πŸ–€(rp @girlbyagirl)

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You won't see "dioxane" on the label, but a dioxane can be sodium lauryl sulfate, PEG compounds, or chemicals that include xynol, ceteareth, or oleth in the name. Often found in products that lather and makes suds like shampoo and soaps. Health concerns are cancer, organ toxicity, and irritation for skin, eyes, and lungs. It's a carcinogen that is found in approximately 46% of products out there, scary! @environmentalworkinggroup rates it an 8/10 😡
Learn more on my blog πŸ‘‰

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So proud to be featured on the @themarilyndenisshow in last Friday's beauty segment. Jill selected our mineral blush to help get healthy and natural looking cheeks. Thank you sooooo much for supporting local green beauty πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #grateful #toronto #fitglowbeauty

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Morning routine. Feel like it's a been a while since I've used my C-Firma. Love this so much. Going to pick up samples of @drunkelephantskincare B-Hydra hydrating gel and the LaLa Retro moisturiser today. Has anyone tried LaLa Retro? And any tips for using B-Hydra with C-Firma? The DE website implies an emulsion works well? 🐘 Cleanse @indie_lee Brightening Cleanser 🐘Spritz @maylindstromskin Jasmine Garden 🐘Hydrate @hylamide Low molecular HA 🐘Antiox @drunkelephantskincare C-Firma 🐘Moisturise @chanel Hydra Beauty Creme🐘

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When you just can't get enough of that clay mask πŸ’₯ credit-unknown

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Just keep swimming-- this jellyfish was a sight to behold at the aquarium ☺️have a wonderful week ahead!

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I've switched from plastic bottled shower gel to solid bar soap! This lovely pack of handmade soaps from the @threebeescoop in Manchester is a bumper pack of offcut soap, 6 bars for Β£7! And even better, the three bees coop have an environmental education arm.
It came nicely wrapped in recyclable paper and a repurposed card box too πŸ‘

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Following up on the excellent review of our Lip Therapy by @organicoracle , here is why our product is so unique. Vivocor Liquid Roll-On Lip Therapy takes lip care to the next level. Nourishing properties of our carefully balanced formula will take care of all these unpleasant, bleeding and dry skin breakages. Organic Vitamin E oil accelerates skin barrier recovery and adds elasticity. Coconut oil is absorbed deeper and quicker by the skin and delivers 3 amazing fatty acids which strengthen the skin. Aloe Vera oil contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. Jojoba oil is an emollient that moisturizes and creates a barrier that protects your sensitive skin form the elements. Try one today and you will never want to put anything else on your lips πŸ‘„ 😊