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#megacharizardy for people who likes SpA charizard

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GRENOUSSE shiny en 127 œufs sur Pokemon Soleil 🌞#greninja #pokemon #shinypokemon #pokemonsun

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Sketch 8
I’ll go back to colouring soon

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A #feature of #PoGoUAE ‘s own @raydenkusumo #awesome #artwork of #ash #pikachu and #greninja Reminder that his #art will be showcased @gamescon17 and he will be doing this LIVE on #friday !!!

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⭐️〽️ #LYCANROC lacks the movepool to take advantage of that attack and speed stats but thanks to dusk form ability TOUGH CLAWS it can boost it's signature move ACCELEROCK. It can also boost FIRE & THUNDER FANG and DRILL RUN for further coverage.
🔸1️⃣ SWORDS DANCE boost Lycanroc’s speed to sky limits giving you the opportunity to KO some treats with a fast ACCELEROCK, give it a FOCUS SASH to avoid dying before boosting its attack. THUNDER FANG and DRILL RUN deal with water and steal types respectively.
🔸2️⃣ This set is to be used in doubles and under sandstorm, TOUGH CLAWS boost STOMPING TANTRUM which hits both targets, ROCK SLIDE also hits both targets and gets stab. ACCELEROCK can deal with faster treats that could be dangerous for any of your partners.
🔸3️⃣ FOCUS SASH + ENDEAVOR + ACCELEROCK is great combo, thanks to it's poor defenses and it's signature priority move it can take advantage of faster treats that him. Use ENDEAVOR when a strong effective move is predicted, then revenge kill with ACCELEROCK.
🔸4️⃣ If looking for a stronger stab move then STONE EDGE is your TM even tho it doesn't get the boost from TOUGH CLAWS but THUNDER FANG and DRILL RUN do and they cover you from steel and water types.