Groot (@goodboygroot)

Sooo, this just happened! My first bath ever at home AND it was not that bad... I only behaved cause mommy kept giving me treats! What I didn't like was that purple and black thing that kept blowing hot air on me 🙄 what in the world is it !? 🐶🚿

Toby LeMarquand (@snort_hapley)

What if everyone was a good boy?

Ringo (@ringojohnsdoodle)

What do you think? Do you like Bruno? John Legend? Yup, I'll take them both.
#RingoJohns #brunomars #24Kmagic #johnlegend #allofme #music #library

Gunner Bear (@gunnerbdoodle)

Do all heroes wear capes? No.
But I do. 🐶😎

DoodleTales-All Doods All Day! (@doodletales)

The #WackadoodleWednesday Edition of DoodleTales continues with Ziva, an F1 Mini Goldendoodle from the Cotswolds, U.K.! 🤣🐶🤣 See more pics at @zivadoodle
*Spotlighting Doodles & All Poodle Mixes*

❤️🌿 Nature Adventure Dog 🌿❤️ (@jordi_bee_)

...better run through the jungle...