Simba (@adoodnamedsimba)

got my XOXO Valentines Day bandana on and I'm ready to party 💃🏻 #wherestheladies #callingalldoodettes

DoodleTales-All Doods All Day! (@doodletales)

The 5th Tongue Out Tuesday DoodleTale features Natty, an an F1b Mini Goldendoodle from Baltimore! 🦀🐶🦀 Check out more pics at @nattybohlight!
*Spotlighting Doodles & All Poodle Mixes*
#doodletales #tot

Gizmo Greenstein (@gizmothedood)

Fine, you won't play with me 24/7? Then I'm packing my 💼 and hitting the road, Jack! ✌️️out! Shoutout to @barkbox for my swag this month.