Sunset park hangs with my favourites, how romantic 🐶❤️ #groodle #goldendoodle #groodlelove #dogs #smellydog

Danni Durbidge (Dzido) (@danwa)

When your doggo looks better in your clothes than you do... 🐶💙😎 #doggo #groodle #goldendoodle #groodlelove #furbaby #toocute

Steve The Goldendoodle (@thatdoodsteve)

I went to sleep one night with all the fluff in the world, then I spent the day at the spa and ended up in Tennessee at Grammy and Pops' house!!!!!! #bestdayever #summercut #sohappy #roadtrippin #dogsthatsmile #datsmiledoe #gottalovethesteve

Archie Mathieson (@archiethegroodle)

I like to play with flowers now! 🌺

Luna The Lunatic (@lunathegroodle)

I just got back from a pretty full on walk with mum! I got pats from 5 different people who all said they loved my @puppalupets bandana! The last 50 metres of my walk is where it turned hectic!Two kelpies on the back of a ute were barking at me (one nearly fell off - they weren't even tied on and the ute had no sides 🙄😨) their barking set off 5 other dogs that all went ballistic and on top of the barking we were then charged by a massive dog (luckily a fence separated us) so I was spinning around, barking and panting! But somehow mum managed to settle me right down before we continued home(We walked about 10 metres away from were the big dog was for me to calm down) I wish I knew some nice doggies to help me trust again.😞🐶But overall it ended positively and calmly and I'm looking forward to my next walk. #lunathegroodle

PrahranVet (@prahranvet)

We had Rani and Angus visiting us today (maybe to escape the rain?!☔️) and they were immediately best buddies 💜


Bows for boys are back! #bowsbeforebros