Ludmila (@ludmilazaitseva)

Прекрасна собака, сидящая в будке, у ней расцветают в душе незабудки, в желудке играет кларнет... (с) 🎼🎵🎵

🇩🇪German Shepherds 🇩🇪 (@hausdela)

I was super excited to share this dog with you guys!
Hugh vom Eichenplatz
One of the world's top producers!
📸 T.U Kennel

Sunny 🐾 (@sunnythegsd)

It's #tongueouttuesday and Sunny turns 7 months old today! 😍 I can't believe how fast time is going. I literally feel like he was 8 weeks old yesterday!
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🇩🇪German Shepherds 🇩🇪 (@hausdela)

Here's some therapy for your day 😉
📸 @kaya_gsd