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We’d chase bugs all day long if Mum would let us! 🐶😂 On a side note, we’ve been bathed and so we smell nice and clean now! 😆 #germanshepherd #gsdsofinstaworld #germanshepherddogs #gsdofinstagram #instadogs


My third and final entry for #gsdunitedbandanalaunch of Kilo with some lovely fall colours 🐾 check out our crew at @gsdunited


Dashing through the snow ❄️ we woke up to it snowing like crazy this morning so hoping it will keep t up and not turn to rain so we can go skijoring!
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Blaze 🔥 (@blaze.thegsd)

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday #tongueouttuesday -
Last Friday, it was 55° and now it’s going to snow again. Make it stoooooop. Over the coldness. I can handle 50° and up. What’s the weather like where you’re from?


Kilo had a vet appointment this morning to get his eyes and a lump checked out. I was worried he had pannus but his eyes are looking ok for now, I will just keep an eye out to make sure it doesn't get worse. His lump on his side doesn't seem to be an concern either (it can't be seen or felt all the time so it's likely the way he was laying after eating a big dinner) as he was palpated and nothing of worry was found. I am relieved and also glad that Kilo was much more relaxed this vet visit, normally he is not very good when he is there. This is a throwback photo to when he was younger, taken by @jaclyntanemura 📸
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Blaze 🔥 (@blaze.thegsd)

I took that Canine test everyone’s been posting about. Blaze scored in the orange section of being attached to me. I have no idea why. *sarcasm* 😂
We got our final welcome letter for our Barn Hunt trial. We are registered for 4 runs but if he earns his title two titles in those 4 runs, I may have the opportunity to run him in the next level. Practice time today to see how we feel!

Maui the German Shepherd Dog (@gsd_maui)

How many collars can you fit on your dog's neck? From top to bottom: obedience prong, walking prong, e-collar, agitation collar. #dogtrainingisfun #andexpensive

Prince (@prince.the.gsd)

I don't like it when people walk by my house and I'm not outside with them.

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