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Ok so yesterday I posted about not making much progress with deadlifts 💀 and pull ups, BUT today I made BIG progress with my #squats 👌🏼💪🏻 205 lbs for 5 🤟🏼🤟🏼 O ya!!!!
For the longest time I was scared of traditional squats, it was all in my head, but today I told myself it will be a PR day 🙌🏼 today I will #crushit AND I totally did 😁 making those leg #gainzzz .
Felt really good having positive energy around me and thankful for my gym crew 😁 @dshim614 for spotting me and @b_rad330 for filming 🎥 you guys are awesome!!

Gym girl (@gymgirls.insta)

Ab workout on this fine Day! Truth be told I hardly train abs .. ever. Technically I do as I always engage my core when I lift but rarely do I do any kind of ab exercises, diet is key along with a good core engaged workout. Any time I do decide to train abs (like today) I add in some kind of weight as they are a muscle after all💪🏽 1. Weighted crunches for 30 seconds
2. Opposite toe touches for 30 seconds
3. Straight leg toe touches for 30 seconds
Repeat 3 times or until you feel fire to the core 🔥😜
Credit: @naturallystefanie
From @fitfemalesclub
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Regrann from @fit.suny - Happy Weekend ihr Lieben 💕

Ich habe jetzt Feierabend und fahre mit meiner Mutti, Schwester und den Kids👭 die seit gestern Abend wieder zu Besuch sind, nach #mannheim in einen großen polnischen Supermarkt 😍🇵🇱 bin gespannt was man alles dort bekommt 😃

Auf dem Bild esse bzw.löffel ich die leckere Tasty Cream von @tastysupps im Geschmack 'Hazelnut-Chocolate' 😍
Sie schmeckt nicht nur super lecker, sondern hat noch auf 100g ➡️ 21g Eiweiß 👌😃 Ich weiß nicht warum, aber ich liebe es solch Cremes, Nutella, Erdnussbutter... zu löffeln, statt mir es aufs Brot zu schmieren 😅🙈
Wer kennt's? 😄
Wünsche Euch einen super Start ins Wochenende 🤗💖
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When I started playing tennis, I didn't think I could love anything as much as I loved tennis. Then when I started Bikrams yoga, I didn't think I would love anything as much as I loved yoga. Then in 2015 I became a runner. I was certain this time nothing would be as amazing as running. Today I went to my first spin class at @eastwood.x taught by my friend, and I haven't had this much fun in a long time. It was so crazy, sweaty, and I got to work my ass off. My friend @jadeeashe was there, too, but she is camera shy. Haha. I read somewhere how the true measure of one's love is not by time, but the resonance. The feeling of connection--how it transforms you, how it ENLIVENS you. Wakes up your spirit through a resonance felt only by the heart. A connection , a place where it feels like home. When I run, practice yoga, play tennis, or spin, I feel like I am home, and have found my happy place. Dripping in the sweat of my hard work and drive for what sets my heart on fire. I might be writing this on a spin and coffee induced high, but these words are true. I can't wait to do this again 🚲💦
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I remember when I was young and the thought of eating brussel sprouts repulsed me.
Why? Because I was told they were gross. I've never even tried one, I just went off of everyone else's opinions. For YEARS I avoided them. Couldn't understand how people could like something that's so gross, or so I was told they were.
Then my mom made them one night and I tried one. HEAVEN!! I LOVED THEM! They were so good, I couldn't believe I went all those years without eating them because of what someone else told me.
Just like coaching. So many people told me not to do it, that it's a scam, a pyramid scheme and I would lose all my money. That I wouldn't last as a coach. Almost 3 years later and I'm still coaching. I get to help other women find their true selves, their confidence and their happiness. I may have been naive not to try brussel sprouts, but I wasn't going to pass this opportunity up because of what someone else thought.
I'm so glad I didn't listen to them. My goal is to be my own boss, to work for myself and not for someone else. Everyday I work closer to that goal and because of what I believe, I KNOW I'm going to get there. You just watch. - - - - - - -

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In love with my new @flexxfit gym gear, the leggings are so comfortable, stretchy and squat proof 🍑🙌🏼🔥 Finished my last gym session of the week, which was legs🍑🔥I struggled a bit today as I twinged my knee during my last leg day. Trip to the physio is on the cards 🙄🤒
Today is a night to chill out, relax and eat some treats after a long busy week🍫🍭💆🏼‍♀️💕✨

T1ALIABENTLEY (@t1aliabentley)

I’m not going to misinform you and pretend this is the way to abs ^^
Some people are genetically blessed and don’t store a huge amount of fat in the abdominal area
You could do 700 crunches a day for the rest of your life but if you’re not eating right you aren’t going to get a washboard stomach 🏄🏽‍♀️ the reality of having a toned flat stomach is having low body fat and the best way to strengthen and define them is through compound lifs
I really dislike training them, however there are benefits so I’ve started adding them onto the end of my upper body sessions.
- Improves posture
- Strengthens core improving form
- Aids definition
You don’t need to do 50000 sit ups a day, just like you’d train for hypertrophy in other areas, reps of 8-12 will suffice as long as you’re progressing with added weight (where applicable)
I personally like plank and plank variations because they recruit more muscle fibres than crunches or sit ups and help with balance.
Probably nothing you haven’t seen before but it’s what works for me
5 variations
3 rounds
40 seconds on
20 seconds off
1. Plank 2. Hip dips 3. Shoulder touches 4. Weighted plank 5. Plank on forearms to upper arms.